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  1. Last week my neighbor witnessed an older man fall backward off on of the new “ pod “ seats. People rushed to help him. He refused an ambulance at that time. This incident took place at the corner of 14th Street and Wilshire Blvd. heading West. The gentleman did not appear at all inebriated. The obvious fault is the disastrous design of the pod seat.

    I am quite sure this incident will be repeated many times with perhaps worse results for the bus riders. Perhaps then after costly law suits all these ugly, useless and dangerous bus stop seating will be removed and sensible “ safe “ benches and decent cover will be installed.

    Not one person I have encountered so far at any of the new stops has a good thing to say. The 7 million dollars wasted was a farce and an insult to people who take public transport. I still put out the challenge to all those who in power approved this disaster goes out with the press and spends the whole day taking busses on a very hot sunny or rainy day with the press cameras rolling.

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