NO DICE, a Santa Monica Murder Mystery, by Mar Preston

Share with othersTweet Last section posted on 9/24 Chapter Nine, second two The faces of the cop by her door and the old fellow with the measuring tape kept popping out at Ginger, jumping in her face, startling her, scalding her with what-might-have-beens. Stress clamped down all her muscles and she ached from head to toe like an abscessed tooth. She forced herself to get through... Read More


Share with othersTweet George Wolfberg, president of the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association, received two reports of crimes Wednesday night in the upper canyon. They involve vehicles, basically unlocked vehicles, which, as he says, “are always tempting. It is important to report these to LAPD, even if it appears nothing was taken, so our local officers are aware.” One... Read More


Share with othersTweet While residents on and near Pearl Street praise local law enforcement for traffic control assistance around SMC, other areas heavily affected by local school traffic are completely ignored, causing gridlock, frustration and headaches for neighboring residents. Among the worst traffic in Sunset Park is the two-block long stretch of Maple St. between 14th &... Read More

SMPD Case Goes on the Road


Share with othersTweet The Santa Monica Police Department’s extended effort to make a case against Oscar de la Torre would be ludicrous, if it weren’t deadly serious. According to the police, several months ago, two youths, a black and a Latino, got into a fight near the Pico Youth and Family Center, which de la Torre founded 12 years ago, and directs. Read More  Read More