Share with othersTweet In an effort to enroll more underrepresented minority students in science, technology, engineering and math, the federal government has awarded Santa Monica College and UCLA a $5.8 million federal grant to ”recruit such students, educate them and give them guidance and support.” The five-year Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics... Read More


Share with othersTweet SB 946, California’s autism insurance reform bill, needs only Governor Brown signature to become law, but he must sign it in the next three days. Autism Votes urges all Californians to inform the governor that by signing SB 946 into law, he will create 20,000 new jobs, save the state $140 million and help 30,000 children with autism live more independent... Read More

Work on Urban Forest Master Plan Continues Tonight

Share with othersTweet The review process for the City’s Urban Forest Master Plan continues. So far, it hasn’t gone well. Promises have not been kept. The City has failed to acknowledge, much less incorporate residents’ wishes, in the plan and the war on palm trees continues. But perhaps if residents persist, the City will finally listen. The Urban Forest Master Plan Task... Read More


Share with othersTweet The insurance industry is pressing Governor Brown to veto SB 946, and permit insurance discrimination to continue against children with autism in California. Autism Votes, an initiative of Autism Speaks, is urging all California voters to use Facebook to counter the insurance companies’ campaign. Suggested sample text: “URGENT ATTN CALIFORNIA FRIENDS!... Read More


Share with othersTweet To: Mayor Bloom and Honorable City Council members From: Board of Directors, Friends of Sunset Park (FOSP) Re: City Council Special Meeting – October 4, 2011 – Agenda Item 4-A It has become very apparent from the language of the Staff Report for 10/4/11 agenda item 4-A that the City staff is reluctant to pursue airport closure as... Read More


Esther McCoy

Share with othersTweet “Sympathetic Seeing: Esther McCoy and the Heart of American Modernist Architecture and Design,”  the first exhibition to present the life and work of  McCoy (1904-1989), opens Wednesday, September 28, at the MAK Center. The exhibition recognizes her as an American original and affirms her unassailable role as a key figure in American modernism. Esther... Read More

NO DICE, a Santa Monica Murder Mystery, by Mar Preston

Share with othersTweet Last section posted on 9/24 Chapter Nine, second two The faces of the cop by her door and the old fellow with the measuring tape kept popping out at Ginger, jumping in her face, startling her, scalding her with what-might-have-beens. Stress clamped down all her muscles and she ached from head to toe like an abscessed tooth. She forced herself to get through... Read More

Student Gives SMC Financial Aid Office An F

Share with othersTweet Ms. Gomez: As you are my financial aid technician I am contacting you regarding a discrepancy in funds. I have tried emailing Damon McLeod (a detailed email) and calling the Financial Aid office as well as your personal extension – and have been unable to get a response. When I received my disbursement for my Pell Grant my award letter shows that I... Read More


Share with othersTweet Here is my correspondence with the city tree coordinator about the trees proposed for in front of my house, which, according to the web, “smell like semen.” My inquiry was not taken seriously. If it does have the unpleasant odor that has been observed in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, they are not likely to stay in place very long! There are a lot... Read More

Former SM City Manager Takes Helm in Compton

Share with othersTweet The Los Angeles Times reports that “Amid financial turmoil and changing political tides, the Compton City Council has voted to fire its third city manager in five years. “The council voted to bring in Lamont Ewell, a former Compton firefighter who went on to serve as city manager for cities including San Diego and Santa Monica before retiring in 2009,... Read More

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