Members and Friends of Santa Monica Mid City Neighbors have been busy putting together an election website you’ll want to check out: .

We hope it will lead to more opportunities for you to meet and greet candidates and might encourage some of you to hold such events yourselves.

Because this election for City Council comes at a time when most Santa Monica voters are becoming more and more aware of the possible impact of development on our lives, most candidates claim they are for responsible growth, but what would “Responsible Growth” look like in the Mid-City area and in Santa Monica, altogether?

For our meeting this Saturday, September 22nd, from 1 to 3 p.m., we have invited Ivan Perkins of Santa Monicans for Responsible Growth to talk about what “Responsible Growth” means to his group. We have also invited all City Council candidates to join us in a discussion of what “Responsible Growth” might look like and how it might come to be. Candidates who come know that this is an opportunity for all of us to share ideas with each other, rather than for them to make speeches or take stands. They know most of us want to hear what they propose to do to improve the quality of our lives. And they are coming to hear our concerns. Our meeting will take place in the courtyard of the Yale Street Homeowners Association at 1524 & 1528 Yale Street. Parking permits are available for those who need them, and refreshments will be served.

We hope you will be thinking about which candidates would best serve your interests. Remember, letting people know who you support has a greater impact on how people vote than all the mailers and ads they see. This is a good time to get involved in your city. Your participation could decide who gets elected in November!

Hope to see you this Saturday!

Gregg Heacock, President of Santa Monica Mid City Neighbors

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