Santa Monica Dispatch

The Santa Monica Dispatch is an independent newspaper founded and edited by Peggy Clifford. Our objective is to give voice to the community.


Who visits our site? (demographics)

The majority of our visitors are between the ages of 20-65. Our demographics have shown that it is equal parts male and female. We are heavily read by concerned citizens of Santa Monica.

Advertising Opportunities:

We offer the top-level 728×90 banner option on our site, as well as the smaller 468×60, towers 160/120×600, pop-ups, interstitials and more, deliverable in various .gif, .jpg, .html and rich media, with several placement options.

Run of site: If you want to cover the most ground on our site, you can choose this option and reach the broadest scope of visitors.


Editor: Peggy Clifford – editor [at]

Associate Editor: Clara Sturak – csturak [at]

Advertising, please call 310.260.0015

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Susan Cahill

    I lost my favorite death on the rapid 10 at around 3 o'clock at Union Station 4242 22859 14310 867 3663 please call me at the 310 number thank you

  2. Phil Brock

    give me a call please or email me back so I can give you a call at a working #.

  3. Joani Wojnar

    The advertising number is disconnected and I can not open you site.  Blank page

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