Whither the Weather 1/4 – 1/10

By Ava Tramer

Rain, clouds, and cool temperatures
Highs: 55-61; Lows: 45-54

Cloudy and rainy
Highs: 56-62; Lows: 37-48

Mostly cloudy
Highs: 60-65; Lows: 41-52

And Santa Monica…
I thought my job was supposed to be easy. I mean, how much is there for a weatherwoman to do if the weather never changes? It’s supposed to be simple to report on sunny day after sunny day. Santa Monica was supposed to be effortless for me. But now, you tell me, it’s supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday? This is definitely NOT the painless job I thought it would be. It is becoming far too demanding. And next week it is going to be cool and cloudy? That’s not sun! That’s not trouble-free sunshine followed by more sunshine followed by sunshine! I do not understand!

I should quit.

But maybe I won’t.

This is kind of maybe beginning to get sort of a little bit exciting!

SMC Presents New Pico Project Tonight

Town-gown conflicts have long been a staple of literature, and, more often than not, they are written by English professors and, more often than not, they portray the townspeople as villains, bumpkins, philistines who have an abiding fear of and disdain for books and the people who write read them.

The periodic conflicts between Santa Monica residents (town) and Santa Monica College (gown) are, at once, more mundane and more complicated, and rarely feature bumpkins or philistines.

They are based in an unalterable and uncomfortable fact: the college is a state institution, and so it is not subject to most local rules and regulations. For instance, the City must approve all proposed buildings, but the state architect has the last word on SMC projects.

In effect, then, SMC is a semi-autonomous town that was dropped into the heart of Santa Monica some time ago and has not only created three satellite campuses in other parts of its “host” town, but created problems for its neighbors in all four locations as it regularly outgrows itself.

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Who’s Calling the Shots?

The ad headline, “Meet Your City Leaders,” caught our eye, as we have wondered for some time who, if anyone, was in charge.

The ad went on to say, “The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Presents: The State of the City 2008.”

It will be held on Tuesday, January 12, from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel.

In addition to the CofC, the sponsors are the law firm Harding, Larmore, Mullen, Jackle, Kutcher, and Kozal, the Santa Monica Mirror, Metropolitan Pacific Commercial Real Estate Service, the Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau, Bayside District Corporation, RAND, and St. John’s Health Center.

The “leaders” are Mayor Herb Katz and City Manager Lamont Ewell, lawyer Tom Larmore, who heads the Chamber board, the Executive Directors of the City’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and its Bayside Corporation, Misti kerns and Kathleen Rawson, and the new Chamber CEO Laurel Rosen.

With all due respect, these are not the sort of “leaders” we had in mind.

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