Too Good To Be True

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I was scrolling fast through Surf Santa Monica, when I saw an astonishing headline — City Council member Richard Bloom  had apologiztd to the Coastal Commission.

As the Commission is charged with monitoring and controlling development in thr coastal zone, and Bloom’s pro-growth and development stance is well-known, such an apology would be  altogether fitting. But, given Bloom’s general demeanor, it was also altogether unlikely.

I scrolled back to the headline. I’d misread it, of course. Bloom hadn’t apologized to the Commission, he’s been appointed to it.

Astonishing. And very depressing.   d!


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Though the draft of the revision of the land use and circulation elements of the General Plan (LUCE draft) has just been released and the Environmental Impact Report won’t be ready until some time next month, the City is pushing ahead with a major LUCE component.

Most residents haven’t

had an opportunity to review the LUCE draft. The Planning Commission has just begun its review. The City Council has only had a sort of LUCE preview. The final plan and approval are many months away.

But the City has scheduled a “community meeting” Tuesday, December 15, to “review” the  “concept plans for the Bergamot Station Transit  Village Center.” , which has been proposed for  t 1681 26th Street.
The City notice goes on to say, “concept plans show a new
mixed-use neighborhood commercial/residential/creative office project consisting of approximately 579,000 square feet of creative arts office space, approximately 330,000  square feet of residential, and approximately 60,000 square feet of community serving retail space.”

That’s nearly one million square feet of new commercial development in the midst of the most overburdened neighborhood in the city and adjacent to the

Epicenter of the east end traffic nightmare.

It took more than two decades to build nine million square feet of new commercial development under the 1984 plan. Now the City proposes beginning the new plan with a million-square-foot bang!  Can chaos be far behind?

The notice then says, “the meeting is the part of the preliminary concept phase of the Development Agreement process where residents, property owners, and interested parties will have the opportunityto provide direct feedback to City staff and the developer with regards to the concept plans. This meeting is the first step in the Development Agreement ‘float-up’ process
and occurs prior to the Planning Commission and City Council discussions of the conceptplans and direction as to whether the proposed Development Agreement application maybe filed.”

In other words, though the LUCE draft is only a proposal, and the Bergamot plan is proposed as part of the LUCE proposal, the City sly wants to leap directly from “concept” to a Development Agreement, which would effectively   freeze residents out of the review process before there’s anything tangible to review.

It’s the City’s favorite trick – excluding residents from the


And no wonder. It’s hard to find  residents who want a million-square-foot commercial development in their neighborhood.

That’s probably why the meeting isn’t really for the “community,”

but for “property owners, interested parties, and the developer,.”

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Thelma Terry Room. Virginia Avenel Park, 2200

Virginia Avenue.

Residents who care about this glotiousIy idiosyncratic beach town should attend the meeting and protest the process and the project.

For further information, contact Jing Yeo, Special Projects Manager at(310) 458-8341.
The meeting facility is wheelchair accessible. For disability-related accommodations.


By Ava Tramer


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