Whose College Is It, and Who’s It For?

by Carl Gettleman

Richard Tahvildaran, who as President of the Academic Senate opposed giving course credit to students for serving as elected officers in the College’s shared governance system, was previously confronted by the HR Department for a similar misuse of student labor to support candidates of his choosing in a local campaign. Tahvildaran, one of the most unctiously self-aggrandizing sycophants in SMC history (a high bar I assure you), has undue influence with the governing board of the College and has used that influence to secure taxpayer-funded junkets to Europe and elsewhere for himself and selected members of his entourage. Continue reading Whose College Is It, and Who’s It For?


by Peggy Clifford

Anyone from anywhere can come into Santa Monica and set up a fake committee called  “Santa Monicans for Quality Government,”  though he’s not a “Santa Monican” and, as far as we know, is the sole member of the group.

And the aforesaid anyone from anywhere can collect money from developers, property managers and developers’ lawyers, most of whom are not Santa Monica residents and have no interest in “quality government,” but a fervent interest in “friendly government,” as they all have major projects seeking approval from what passes for government in Santa Monica, and he can use the money to feature Council members who are seeking re-election
in bogus mailers.

The candidates who are featured in the bogus mailers can claim that they knew nothing about them. though the man who made them was the campaign consultant for two of the candidates, and a line in the mailers says that the candidates who appear in the mailer have paid for and authorized their appearance in the mailers.

The candidates can take the developers’ money and approve their projects and say –with straight faces — that the developers’ contributions did not influence their votes. Continue reading THE LESSONS OF THE 2010 ELECTION


The December 14 City Council Consent Calendar included a $1,632,360 allocation for “improvements” to the new CityTV studio, for which the City paid $1 million-plus not long

The Council  approved the allocation unanimously, without any discussion.

Thus, the City will spend $2.5 million in public funds for a “government access” TV channel that offers no public access, broadcasts only a few of Santa Monica’s ‘s public meetings, a handful of  locally produced programs, almost all of which look like  nothing so much as propaganda for City Hall — from which all blessings flow, a plethora of canned programs and virtually no live public events, except the meetings.

Santa Monica Red Cross Fires Up “Spark of Love” holiday toy drive

Young volunteers from the American Red Cross of Santa Monica will collect toys and gifts again this year for needy children and teens as part of the annual “Spark of Love Toy Drive.” Red Cross teenagers will also help Santa Monica Firefighters distribute the toys to deserving children in Santa Monica and nearby communities.

The Red Cross of Santa Monica, KABC Channel 7, Santa Monica Firefighters and the Rotary Club of Santa Monica will collect toys through Friday, December 24. As in previous years, new unwrapped toys and sports gear can be dropped off at the Santa Monica Red Cross or any Santa Monica Fire Department station.

Countless children in Santa Monica and neighboring communities will receive new toys this holiday season. Especially needed are toys, games, books, school supplies and items appropriate for teens from the ages of 14 to 18.

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City To Undertake Extensive Airport Study

At  Tuesday night’s meeting of the City Council,  City staff will recommend that the Council  “1.    Direct staff to proceed with a comprehensive public process regarding the future of Santa Monica Airport. 2.    Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with The Rand Corporation, a California-based company, in an amount not to exceed $145,000, for a study of airport and non-airport real property development concepts and applications and local applicability. 3.    Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with  Point C, a California-based company, in the amount of $81,500, to formulate and manage an extensive community process regarding the range of possibilities for the Airport’s future…

“The future of the Airport one of the most important land use decisions facing the City.  Staff recommends a comprehensive process including creation of a vision for the future of the Airport, analysis of relevant concepts and their local applicability, as well as broad stakeholder engagement about the future of the Airport.

“To begin that process, the City Manager has exercised his authority to identify firms hat are uniquely qualified to assist the City with this unique and crucial task: the Rand Corporation and Point C.

“Rand was identified because of its impeccable reputation and credentials and its deep understanding of the community.  After evaluating the City’s needs, Rand has proposed to undertake an initial study of the current state-of-the-art with regard to nontraditional uses of airport and airport-adjacent land and to prepare a presentation on the range of possible futures that could be considered for the Airport.  The cost of the initial study is $145,000.  An expanded scope of work could be considered in the future.”
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