SMCLC Files Complaint Against Deceptive Mailings

Linked to Pam O’Connor’s Campaign

The Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC) is filing a complaint with
the Santa Monica City Attorney and City Clerk today concerning two misleading
and widely disseminated mailers to Santa Monica voters by a group calling
itself “Santa Monicans for Quality Government.” The complaint will ask the City
Attorney and the City Clerk to investigate the following conduct by this group
and the role of Council member Pam O’Connor:

1)  “Santa Monicans for Quality Government” formed only two
weeks ago on October 13th and registered with the City as a Political Action
Committee.  It then abruptly dissolved on October 25th, after sending the two
mailers to Santa Monica voters, without disclosing who paid what amounts for
them.  The address on the mailers is a post office box at a mail and copy
center in Ocean Park. No phone number or other contact information appears on
the mailers to trace the source of the misinformation.

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Each of Santa Monica’s founders, Senator John P. Jones and Colonel Robert S. Baker, had his own plan for this portion of what Hamlin Garland called “the fortunate coast.” But when their original plans foundered, they folded their holdings into one town site. The first lots were sold in1875.

The new town was named for a spring in what is now West  L.A. by a priest who came across the spring and was reminded of  the tears of Saint Monica.

Given its location on the ocean, Santa Monica’s future seemed inevitable. But with Baker and Jones’ serendipitous partnership and their decision to name the new town on the ocean for a spring beyond its eastern border, which was itself named for a saint who was born in North Africa in the fourth century,  inadvertance was present — like salt in butter.

Planning is the Problem

“New Council Will Help Shape Downtown’s Future.” The mind reels at the very thought.

The Council’s previous essays at “shaping” downtown Santa Monica have not gone well — in large part because it has followed staff’s lead.

Staff wanted more than two dozen ficus trees removed from downtown streets. Over 10,000 residents opposed the removal. Staff prevailed. It also convinced the Council to impose an “intensified urban form” on this thoroughly eccentric beach town, and ordered more housing in the downtown area. and loaded Fifth and Sixth Streets with stunningly mediocre apartment buildings. Staff also recommended the installation of a $15 million “transit mall.” Council okayed it. It was installed. And from that day to this, traffic congestion in that area has been unbearable.

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City to Students: Let Them Ice Skate!

The state has repeatedly slashed funding for our  schools. The Santa Monica- Malibu Unified School District budget has been drastically reduced by the state cuts.

As a community and as individuals, our first priority must be the well-being of our children, which means, among other things, that we are obliged to do what the state has failed to do. We must give the schools the money they need to give our children what they need: a first-rate, complete education, including the arts.

Luckily, the current City budget is over $554,000,000, half-a-billion-dollars! Surely the City can make some changes or adjustments, or delay some programs or projects in order to give the schools the money they need now.

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The Tyranny of the Majority

Plato and Aristotle, Jefferson and Madison saw it as democracy’s great flaw. Jefferson said the tyranny of a legislative majority was as bad as the tyranny of a king.

Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights (SMRR) has held all or a majority of all local elective offices for more than two decades. On their seemingly endless watch, have the SMRRs advanced  their interests or Santa Monica’s? What are SMRR’s interests? Is what’s good for SMRR good for Santa Monica? Is Santa Monica a better town today  than it was in 1988, the year they took charge?
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