Mid City Residents to Meet

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Residents in the mid-City area have scheduled a community meetimg in the Yahoo Center food court  at 7 p.m. Monday, December 21.

The area organization, Mid-City Neighbors, has been defunct for several years. Its revival will be discussed at the meeting.

Also on the evening’s agenda is the million square foot Bergamot Station  Transit Village Center  proposal that was unveiled last week. At Olympic and 26th, its size and impacts on traffic have already been questioned. A

A 33-unit affordable housing project (with 56 underground parking spaces) to be built at 2602 Broadway wil also be discussed.

Apparently, an Environmental Impact Report has not been done. The project is “overly dense,” according to some residents. There are also concerns about the project’s effect on traffic and parking.

The project developer is Community Corporation of Santa Monica. f,


Arcana Books: Oasis In The Hubub

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Without question, Arcana Books is the most interesting store on the Third Street Promenade, and one of the most interesting stores in the Los Angeles area.

In the midst of the semi- up-scale chain stores that dominate the Promenade and all the other shopping centers in the region, Arcana is unique, singular – an elegant aesthetic oasis in the heart of the  hubbub.

Its specialty is rare and out-of-print books on art, architectural design, and photography of the 20th century. In addition, it has an impressive selection of  books on film and other arts, and a few CDs and  DVDs, such as “The Cool School,” the story of the Ferus Gallery, a must for anyone who purports to know anything about art in L.A.

In all, Arcana  has over 100,000 books in stock, and if you can  spend less than an hour or two browsing, there may be something  wrong with you.

Arcana pre-dates the Promenade. . Owner Lee Kaplan opened the store on what was then a simple pedestrian mall. At the time, there were upwards of a dozen small independent bookstores in the immediate area.

But, in its never-ending drive for more revenue, City Hall remade the  pleasant mall  into a “regional commercial hub,” and  chose nega-bookstores Barnes and Noble and Borders  as Promenade “anchors.” All the small independent booksellers soon closed  – except Arcana and Hennessey and Ingalls, which moved off the Promenade a couple of years ago.

Borders is gone now, but Arcana  just extemded its lease, which is very good news for those of us who are devoted to independent book stores,

If you don’t know it, you should.

It’s at  1229 Third Street   Promenade. It’s open 10 to 6 Monday through Saturday, noon  to 6  Sunday. Phone 310 458 1499. Email www.info@arcanabooks.com/

It’ll Be Noisy, But It’s Just A Movie

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According tu Santa Monica Airport Manager Bob Trimborn, today (Wednesday), between noon and 1 p.m. three Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters will overfly the City of Santa Monica on a southeasterly line from near the Pier  to the Airport where they will land briefly,

They will then take off and fly west at  an altitude of approximately 900 – 1000 feet.

The helicopters will be filmed in flight for an upcoming movie, “Battle: Los Angeles,” a Sony Pictures production, in which a Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion. ,

Though it’s a movie shoot, it is under the Department of Defense jurisdiction that precludes the City from restricting the activity.

Sony Pictures contact:     Becky Break (323) 353-2508



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The City staff ’s scheduled a “community meeting” tonight, but it doesn’t seem to want us to actually  show up.

Notices were sent only to those people who receive all notices. There’s been   virtually no press coverage – beyond  Bill Bauer’s column in Monday’s Daily  Press, and this and a previous story (FLASH! CITY JUMPS GUN ON LUCE, see below).

The meeting is set for 7 p.m. tonight in the Thelma Terry building in Virginia Avenue Park, rather than any of  the usual places. The building’s at 2200 Virginia Avenue. The park’s at Pico and Cloverfield, and there’s parking in the park.

The subject of the meeting is “concept plans” for a proposed one million square foot commercial development at 26th and Olympic, Bergmot Station Transit Village Center.

There are problems. It’s a major part of the revised land use and circulation elements of the General Plan (LUCE). But the revision is still in draft, so this meeting is clearly out of  order.

In addition, a number of other mega-  projects are scheduled for this overburdened neighborhood.

Please read the previous story – FLASH! CITY JUMPS GUN ON  LUCE (below), and remember the residents’ first rule: when the City

doesn’t really want us to show up, we show up.


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By Ava Tramer


Partly cloudy

Highs: 61-68; Lows: 46-51


Mostly cloudy

Highs: 69-71; Lows: 37-41



Highs: 67-72; Lows: 45-49

And Santa Monica…

I bring you great tidings and joy.  And boring weather.  This year, surprises are most likely to be found sitting wrapped in paper and ribbon under your trees and menorahs, not in the weather forecast.  Lows will be in the mid to high 40s, and highs will be in the mid to high 60s.  The skies will be equally boring, neither cloudy nor sunny, but somewhere boringly in between.  Let your presents be decidedly exciting this holiday season!