L.A. Heritage To Be Celebrated

The L.A. Heritage Alliance will hold Los Angeles Heritage Day on
Sunday, March 22, from 11 a.m. to   4 p.m. at Heritage Square Museum in Highland Park.

Among the day’s highlights will be  historic homes, a scavenger hunt,  other activities for children and  families, panel discussions on  culture and preservation, tips for promoting local heritage and  information about  local preservation organizations, museums, and historical societies.

The Santa Monica Conservancy booth will feature the Shotgun House, future home of our Preservation Resource Center.

Heritage Square Museum is located in Highland Park, just northeast of downtown Los Angeles. This “living history museum” tells the story of Los Angeles’ development through historic structures that were relocated to the site to save them from demolition.

The museum is located at 3800 Homer Street, off the 110/Pasadena Freeway at Avenue 43.

Admission to the general public is $5. For more information, go to info@smconservancy.org

Santa Monica Man Plans Fundraiser

A Santa Monica attorney is one of 15  Man & Woman of the Year candidates in an unusual competition organized by  the. Greater Los Angeles Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Like all the other candidates, Gregory Rutchik has organized and is running his own fundraising campaigns to help LLS fund blood cancer research and provide support services for patients and their families.

The man and woman  who raise the most money  will be named the Man and Woman of the Year.   Candidates are judged solely on their success at raising money, with each dollar counting as one vote.

Candidates run in honor of the Boy & Girl of the Year, who are local blood cancer patient survivors, as well as  sources of inspiration to others.

The Los Angeles area competition has just reached the mid-way point and will culminate with a grand finale gala on April 3, at the California Science Center, at which the Man & Woman of the Year will be announced.

Explaining why he is participating,   Rutchik said,  “Boy & Girl of the Year Tyler Cordova and Kelly Delaney, symbolize the many kids and their families whose lives have been interrupted by deadly blood cancers.  I thought, who would be there for me and my family if we were struck with a sickness such as blood cancer? We would look to our community, friends and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So I am stepping up the plate to be there for them.”

Rutchik’s fundraising event,  “Celebrate for a Cure” will be held  on Sunday, March 29, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Roosevelt School in Santa Monica. A  children’s arts festival, it will include a pancake breakfast, performances by award-winning child  musicians, and much more.
Tickets are $5 for children and $10 for adults. Ticket packages and sponsorships are available.  well.  For more information,   go to www.celebrateforacure.com.

Rutchik is the founder and owner of the arts and technology law group based in Beverly Hills.  A Fulbright Fellow at the University of Tokyo Japan, Rutchik is a Board member for the Los Angeles Chapter of California Lawyers for the Arts and has served as Co-Chair for the American Bar Association, Subcommittee on Copyrights.

To make a contribution to Rutchik’s Man of the Year campaign or to learn more please visit: http://los.llsevent.org/ GRutchik.

Whither the Excitement

By Ava Tramer

Partly cloudy
Highs: 66-72; Lows: 53-58

Mostly sunny
Highs: 71-81; Lows: 48-52

Hot with occasional clouds
Highs: 81-92; Lows: 56-62

And Santa Monica…
Weather, weather, blah blah blah,
Sure it’s nice, but why give a hurrah?
There’s nothing exciting to feel or see
The temperature always reaches the same degree.
The sun shines brightly, day in and day out,
Shouldn’t this be a good reason to pout?
Where is the excitement in the boring and bland?
The sun always shines on Santa Monica sand.
Maybe I sound ungrateful to you,
But don’t you think it’s boring when the sky’s always blue?

Playing the Loopholes

To the Editor

Senior executives at Trammel Crow Company have vowed that they will board up the buildings and leave the apartments at 301 Ocean Avenue vacant after the last tenants are evicted on March 17, and if they do not get their way and have the landmark designation reversed by the City Council. It already looks very much like an abandoned property with weeds nearing two feet in height along the parkway and in the once beautiful interior garden courtyard.

It is the elderly tenants who have made their homes at the city landmark for decades that are the last to leave because this has been their permanent home and not just an apartment and leaving is a heartbreaking experience. This week Betty Yamamoto who has lived there for 27 years bade a tearful good-bye to her long-time friend and neighbor Lois Storey who left to live near her children in Kentucky. Ironically, Ms. Storey moved in the same year as Betty and lived in the apartment first occupied by Clo Hoover, Santa Monica’s first woman mayor, and is now moving to the state Clo Hoover left. Storey’s eviction was especially painful because she is still grieving the loss last year of her husband of 50 years with whom she had made her home here.

Trammel Crow’s employees alleged that they had the best interest of the city in mind throughout the protracted process that ended with the Santa Monica Landmarks Commission designating the property as a city landmark because of its identification with Clo Hoover who is unquestionably an important historic personage in Santa Monica. One wonders exactly how an abandoned building at what is arguably the most scenic intersection in the city could possibly be in the best interest of the city. Already gang graffiti is appearing on one of the buildings and a homeless man has been sleeping in a carport. Abandoned buildings are alluring to vagrants, addicts, and unsupervised youngsters looking for a place to party. They are not alluring to neighbors that have invested in expensive homes nearby.

Santa Monica’s Landmarks Commission is a superbly credentialed and conscientious body that studied the property and its historic owner for nearly a year before conferring the landmark designation. Now Trammel Crow Company has appealed the designation to the City Council and seems to be using the threat of a vacant building in the center of a beautiful neighborhood to sway council votes in their favor. There is a lot of buzz in the community that the company has already lined up enough votes to secure their reversal when the council brings the matter to the table in April.

We certainly hope that is not the case as it would destroy any semblance of transparency in the city’s processes since the council members are bound to maintain a neutral position until the matter comes before them in chambers.
Titus Wapato
301 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica-

Whither the Pretty

By Ava Traner

Mostly sunny
Highs: 59-67; Lows: 44-50

Warm and partly cloudy
Highs: 60-70; Lows: 38-43

Highs: 70-77; Lows: 44-50

And Santa Monica…
Is there any point for me to serve you?
Why do you need predictions if the sky’s always blue?
Why do you ask what the weather’s going to be?
Can’t you figure it out without hearing from me?
Why do you act like a bunch of helpless fools?
Did you not learn pattern observation when you were in school?
Do you really need a weatherwoman for your fair city?
Don’t you see that the weather’s ALWAYS pretty?