To the Editor:

Neighborhood Groups do NOT endorse candidates. The City of Santa Monica gives the neighborhood groups small annual grants of $4000 to help cover their operating costs. One of the requirements for the grant recipients is that they have not and will not endorse candidates.

In addition, each neighborhood group is a non-profit under 501C(3) of the tax code, which precludes any endorsement of any political candidates.

Santa Monica is being inundated by political flyers claiming endorsements for four candidates – Terry O’Day, Gleam Davis, Shari Davis, and Ted Winterer – by one of the neighborhood groups. These flyers and mailers are frauds.

If you’ve received any mailers claiming that a slate of candidates is endorsed by a Santa Monica neighborhood group, you’ll know immediately that it’s a fraud. If you’ll look closely at the fine print, it will tell you which Developer-financed PAC has paid for that flyer. This includes the green grocery bags distributed in Ocean Park and attributed to the Ocean Park Association.

Here’s a rule you can count on: FLYERS CLAIMING ENDORSEMENT OF COUNCIL CANDIDATES BY A NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP ARE FRAUDULENT. They’re paid for by a Developer-funded PAC and intended to deceive us.

Please note that the candidates these mailers support are not all alike. Terry O’Day, Gleam Davis, and Shari Davis are all accepting campaign donations from developers. Ted Winterer is NOT. “Why is he included?” you ask. Perhaps to make the slate seem more balanced, or to capitalize on the fact that Ted has wide popular support, or to brand him.

As an individual who is not a member of a recognized Neighborhood Group. I’m supporting Ted Winterer, Bob Seldon, Richard McKinnon, and John Smith for City Council since each has stated his commitment to contain the rampant development that is inundating our city.

Ellen Brennan