I signed the Sierra Club petition and added the following paragraph to their letter:

Please don’t permit further construction in the Santa Barbara Channel. It’s one of my favorite places for sea kayaking. I take students from UCLA there. We see humpback whales breaching. Curious Common Dolphin in pods of hundreds of animals, come at us at 30 kt speeds, wanting to see what our blue and yellow plastic boats are about. The beaches of the islands host large pinniped populations, some with over 10,000 sea lions.

I see many sea birds, alcids, petrels, skuas fulmars, albatross, as wells gulls, pelicans and shore birds. I can’t get any closer to the rafts of shearwaters around us. The channel is part of a major route for migrating species in the water and sky. If we degrade the channel, we will lose generations of animals moving between the tropics and the Arctic, as well as those traveling between the mainland, Hawaii and other parts of the pacific rim. DON’T ALLOW THE CHANNEL TO BECOME ANOTHER CASUALTY OF OUR SOCIETY’S INSATIABLE DEMAND FOR PETROLEUM, PLEASE.

Robert M. Gurfield

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