Another Dishonest Anti-T Mailer

Julie Lopez Dad
President, Santa Monica Democratic Club

There is another dishonest, lying mailer out from the developer-funded group which is against Measure T. This one, arriving in mailboxes today, in huge type, says that the Santa Monica Democratic Club “refused” to support Measure T. Clearly, there are Anti-T people who aren’t terribly good with word definitions, since the club did not refuse, in any meaning of the word, to support Measure T. THE CLUB DID NOT EVEN TAKE A VOTE AYE OR NAY! The meeting ended precipitously without a vote on the measure.

Therefore, the Santa Monica Democratic Club is in a Neutral position regarding Measure T.

Slightly more than half of the club members present at the meeting where the club discussed Measure T were there in SUPPORT of Measure T. But it takes a 60% vote to endorse. Not taking a vote, or even taking a vote that does not garner 60% does not constitute a refusal of anything.

The Club’s Executive Board is more than 60% in favor of Measure T but did not have a recommendation to the membership because we felt the members should have a presentation and discussion, then vote its beliefs. We were fair and open, but that is not being reciprocated by those of our members (and their developer and developer-friendly cohorts) who are against T.

Members, I urge you to repudiate Anti-T, its tactics, and its untrue messages.

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