The building they were working on dismantling–demolishing–this morning and most of the after-
noon was like a modular home. It had sheet me-
tal on the outside, then pink insulation,sep-
arated with 2 x 4 studs,and then drywall. There
was some paneling from somewhere that they put
in the truck, but lots of drywall too, so I
don’t know if the paneling was on top of drywall
or some rooms were paneled and some drywalled.
The entire outside was clad in corrugated sheet
metal, and it seemed mostly like a tall rec-
tangle with a flat metal roof, with an indenta-
tion in the front on the left for the front door.
I had never noticed much about it b/4 they start-
ed demolishing it, so I’m glad Peter has pictures.

The noise, dust, and fumes this afternoon after
the police left were sickening the workers and
him, Peter said. Once the manager thought he
had won–the police said they had a demolition
permit–he really pushed them. No need to even
pretend to protect the air or not make as much
noise as you wanted to get done as fast as

Thank goodness these people are all alike–stupid.
Think every little “victory” means it’s all over.

Brenda Barnes F

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