To All Whom It May Concern and as Those Recip-
ients Have Duties to Inform Others Unknown to
the Undersigned:

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This morning I made citizen’s arrests of three
workers cutting a building apart and putting
it in pieces into a Gardena company’s waste
disposal and hauling truck. We have video and
still pictures, plus audio recordings, we will
put on youtube after they are taken off our
recording equipment showing the same noxious
fumes, dust, and noise while demolishing a

building as shown in the attached videos and
still photos from Wed. I also wrote down in
detail on an arrest form I signed the acts
violating the SMMC that were committed in my
presence before I made each arrest. Then I
called the SMPD. Two officers came out and
after I told them all the details were on
the forms I gave them copies of, and we also
had video, still photos, and audio showing
demolition without a demolition permit. I also
told them doing demolition with a demolition
permit requires 10 days written notice be-
fore work begins to each tenant of a tenant-
occupied property where it is happening, which
did not occur here and has never occurred.
Without reading the forms they said it was
not a valid arrest because they had seen the
permit in the manager’s office. I told them
that permit was for “removing appendages
attached to trailers” here, which is not a
valid permit under SMMC anyway, but nonethe-
less, does not constitute a demo permit.
They THEN called for backup and started try-
ing to find warrants so they could arrest
me–after they already told me they were
not going to follow through by booking the
criminals when I had taken all the respons-
ibility for the arrest. Too bad I’m clean
and always have been. My fingerprints are
in the system several times–I have a life-
time K-12 teaching credential, I have an
expired junior college teaching credential
(I don’t think they use those anymore),
and I was a licensed attorney for almost
20 years.

This is why my friend who got a ticket for
jaywalking on Main Street and was arrested
for refusing to identify himself when he
gave them his name, his Bar card, his address,
and his telephone number (all of which I gave
them, too, except I don’t have a Bar card
anymore), laughs every time he and friends
are all hanging out in the hot tub he bought
with the money the City of Santa Monica
paid him to settle his case for damages for
requiring a DL when he wasn’t driving.
Amazing. We have it on viseo, of course.
They didn’t ask me for any info other than
confirming I was the person who called them
until after I told them they had a conflict
of interest b/c they worked for the same
City that issued the invalid permit, so I
would go to a higher level of gov’t.

These are videos and stills of demolition
such as happened this morning in my presence
leading to the arrests.

What happened this morning was even worse
b/c the building they were breaking and
cutting into pieces was a building, not a
trailer. It is made out of the same material
as Frank Gehry’s house on Washington. I can’t
tell yet if it was a trailer at onetime
and was built onto a frame instead–as I
think Gehry’s house was, not demoed com-
pletely first–but either way there is no
question it is a building, not a trailer,
which is why in order to get it out of here
it had to be demoed first. At a tenant-
occupied property without the notice to
any tenants, when the SMMC requires indi-
vidual notice 10 days before work begins–
with appeal rights–after a permit is granted.

Very truly yours,

Brenda Barnes

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