To All Whom It May Concern and as Those Recip-
ients Have Duties to Inform Others Unknown to
the Undersigned:

Attached are videos and still pictures confirm-
ing demolition of Trailer D4 took place yester-
day without a demolition permit. This follows
up what I wrote to you on 8/27/13, that the
City knows there is no such thing as a permit
for “removing appendages to trailers” in SMMC
Chapter VIII or anywhere else in the law. Issu-
ing a permit for that is nothing less than par-
ticipating in a conspiracy under color of law
to violate constitutional and statutory rights
here. That the entire chapter in SMMC Chapter
VIII about tenants’ rights during demolition
is being sidestepped by this conspiracy—which
must involve several City officials—is astound-
ing. It is so even to me, after all the illeg-
ality I have seen City officials participate
in since 2006 regarding allowing removal from
rent control and housing use of a 62-year old
non-blighted property so developers can make
money and the City can take a cut.

This is the link to some of the voluminous
video residents filmed documenting this dem-
olition without a demolition permit yesterday:
watch?v=YiSd-BfRdhY& Here
is the link to some still pictures document-
ing this demolition without a demolition

Once again, as I wrote to you regarding 8/26
and 8/27, yesterday on 8/28/13 residents were
disturbed by noise and dust emanating from
workers doing this demolition and hauling
work at 2930 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica,
CA 90404, commonly known as VTP. This further
confirms the fraudulence of the two permit
papers dated 8/9/13 for permit number 13STP1448
–one issued to the Luzzatto Company at 3110
Main St., Ste. 200, SM, and the other issued
to Alexander Demolition and Hauling at 14000
Halldale, Gardena, CA 90249–both stating
they are a “Single Trade Permit” for “removal
of ancillary appendages to trailers located
at A7, A17, B12, B19, B21, B23, C10, C11, D4,
D7, and D18” at 2930 Colorado Ave., Santa
Monica, APN # 4268-002-006. As such, this
permit(s) is covered by the criminal penal-
ties in SMMC § 8.04.010(a) because the work
being done clearly violates the provision(s)
of SMMC Chapter VIII I wrote to you about
on 8/27/13. That is because—however carefully
it may have been worded to attempt to appear
not to be so—it is in fact a permit to alter,
. . . move, remove, convert, demolish, . . .
use or maintain any . . .mobile home or trail-
er, or fixture attached thereto, as used in
that section. That demolition was done yes-
terday—removing “appendages” that required
building permits to be put on trailers—can-
not be argued with a straight face once one
looks at the videos and photos.

Therefore, again yesterday as in the two prev-
ious days, I and the other human residents
of VTP along with birds, squirrels, semi-dom
estic cats, possums, and the landscaping cut
down and hauled away by workers have had our
tenancy here disturbed by workers employed
by our landlord represented by Luzzatto
Company. Noise, dust, and disturbance of our
quiet enjoyment of tenancy were significant.
Those workers’ “removal of ancillary appen-
dages to trailers” yesterday created numer-
ous piles of debris around, under, and in-
side trailer D4, as they previously had at
trailers A7, B12, and B19, and in large trash
cans, as we had observed and documented on
July 24, 2013 as to trailers D12 and B19.

As I mentioned on 8/27/13, on July 24, 2013
when such demolition occurred and the evid-
ence was put in VTP dumpsters—which we photo-
graphed and videoed–the only permit the City
had issued was to cap utilities and sewers.
At that time we were told by Chief Code En-
forcement Officer Warren on June 23, 2013
that Building Department Manager (?) Ron
Yamaguchi had stated no permit was required
for Luzzatto to move trailers he owned here.

We knew at the time and I have already con-
firmed to you in writing so there could be
no claim later that the City did not know at
the time, of course it is not true that trail-
ers at VTP can be or ever could be moved with-
out a demolition permit and all the SMMC safe-
guards for a tenant-occupied property I have
written to you about earlier. SMMC § 8.08.
050(a) requires a demolition permit to do
this work. It reads in relevant part as
follows: “(a) General. No person shall.
.alter, . . .move, . . .remove, convert or
demolish any building, structure or building
service equipment regulated by this Chapter
and the Technical Codes without first obtain-
ing an appropriate permit for each building,
structure or building service equipment
from the Building Officer except as speci-
fied in this Section.” Nothing in the section
exempts anything here. In fact, section
8.08.030(b) specifically requires the same
Building Officer referred to in § 8.08.
050(a) to govern mobilehome and/or trailer
parks in Santa Monica.

What happened since then I have already doc-
umented to you. Three different crews of work-
ers tried to move trailers in such a way as
to pretend demolition was not going on around
and as to the trailers. Removing “appendages”
was necessary even as to trailers that did
not have add-ons for which the owners had had
to obtain City building permits. Even those
trailers are still here. Then yesterday for
the first time one of the trailers on the
list with actual buildings attached to it
was demolished. That was pursuant to the
City permit issued 8/9/13 “to remove an-
cillary appendages.” This is a permit that
does not exist in SMMC Chapter VIII.

Once again, video and photos referred to
above show Code sections being violated by
conspiracy of the City with the Luzzatto
project, are SMMC §§ 8.08.050(a) (work not
exempted by provisions of § 8.08.050(c);
8.08.060(a); 8.08.070(a); 8.08.090(a),
(c), (d), (f), and (g); 8.08.150(a) and
(f); 8.08.180(a); 8.100.010(a), (b)((5)-(8),
(c) and (d); 8.100.020(a)-(e); 8.100.
030(a)-(d); 8.100.040(a)-(c); 8.100.050;
8.100.060(a) and (b); and numerous pro-
visions of section 8.108.

I could not take time yesterday to arrest
workers as I indicated on 8/27/13 I would
if they did exactly what they did yester-
day—removed buildings from this address with-
out the required demolition permit and the
requisite Means and Methods Plan, a Waste
Disposal Plan, written individual notice
to tenants, a relocation plan, posting
security for performance in accordance
with approved plans, public inspection of
plans, and a plan for replanting 65% of
landscaping disturbed and recycling 65%
of other debris produced, plus appeal rights
as to all of this, as discussed further here-
in that all go along with having such a demo-
lition permit. I also might add the loss in
City permit fees for not requiring such a
permit is thousands of dollars.

Today I am not too busy, so the citizens’
arrests of workers will be done as I indi-
cated in my email of 8/26/13 unless the
appropriate City officials post a Stop
Work notice at this address by 2:00 PM and
demolition work stops. I will be calling
the SM Police Department to follow through
with the citizens’ arrests I shall make
of any workers continuing to proceed with-
out the required permits, a Means and
Method Plan, and a Waste Management Plan,
preceded by the proper written notice to
each resident 10 days before work commences,
so that we may appeal the granting of
those permits and/or approval of those
plans as provided in the Code if the docu-
ments submitted are untrue or incomplete
or otherwise inadequate.

I am also forwarding copies of this email
with the video and photo links documenting
illegal demolition here to the state at-
torney general Victims of Crime Unit, the
federal attorney general criminal divisions,
and the California Department of Health and
Safety, Criminal Division; James Muramatsu
the President of Village Trailer Park, Inc.,
an alleged tenant-in-common or general part-
ner, depending on which litigation papers
one reads, of Luzzatto in this scheme to
violate tenants’ and nature’s rights at VTP;
Felipe and Elias Davila, owners of Alexander
Demolition and Hauling, and the Investiga-
tive Fraud Team of the California Contrac-
tors’ State Licensing Board.

Very truly yours,

Brenda Barnes

cc: James S. Muramatsu, 2617 Westridge Rd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90049, Assistant U.S. Attor-
ney André Birotte Jr., Assistant U.S. Attorney
Robert Dugdale, Criminal Division, Assistant
U.S. Attorney Lawrence Middleton, Criminal
Division Public Corruption and Civil Rights
Section, 312 N. Spring Street, Suite 1200,
Los Angeles, CA 90012, California Attorney
General Victims of Crime Unit,

* California Attorney General’s Office,
P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550,
Felipe and Elias Davila, Alexander Demolition
and Hauling, 14000 Halldale, Gardena, CA 90249

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