America’s Last, Best Hope

This vast, glorious and profound country has been brought low by 40 years of trivial men in the White House.

Their small, mean dreams have spawned the slow-rolling nightmare that now envelops the entire country.

They have too often seen the Constitution as means, not end. They have increased their power and restricted our freedom. They have sanctified greed and given Wall Street license to loot the country in the name of “the free market.”

They have overseen the transformation of this democracy into an Orwelllian contraption that does very little and does it badly, as well as the decline of our public schools, the near-collapse of the nation’s infrastructure, and the reduction of health care to a luxury.

These trivial men have been partisans, not patriots, and, by any measure, they have, one after the other, made this vast, profound, infinitely promising country as trivial as they are –all hot air and spin, all surface noise.

We are out of time. Wall Street is imploding, and our alleged leaders expect the people to pick up the pieces.

If we do not end the run of the trivial men now, they may end America, leaving a vast banana republic in their foul wake.

John McCain is a thoroughly trivial man – self-righteous, arrogant, ignorant, primitive. He is obsessed with “winning” in Iraq, but has never defined what he means by “winning.” His notion of “fixing” America is to slash everything but the Defense Department budget and “entitlements.” He’s a Bush masquerading as a “maverick.”

There’s nothing trivial about Barack Obama. He’s bright, serious and dedicated, an original, not a copy. He wants to restore America, and hope, but knows how to do it. Read his books, his platform.

Lincoln called America the “world’s last, best hope.” Here and now, Barack Obama is America’s last, best hope.

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