Dear Council members,

I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO VOTE NO to the proposed redevelopment of 3402 Pico Boulevard – agenda item 8-B for tonight’s meeting. I am a Santa Monica homeowner who has resided between Ocean Park and Pearl Avenue on 21st since 1991 and have watched our quiet and “sleepy” neighborhood become over run with cars, smog and just too much traffic as increasing number of large scale projects have come to our neighborhood. As a former resident of the Upper Westside in Manhattan, I enjoyed the vibrancy of living in high-density apartment housing close to nearby entertainment, restaurants and shopping opportunities. However, the Sunset park region in Santa Monica is not designed for this type of living arrangement and quite frankly, none of us who live in the neighborhood sought that life style when we chose to move to this area of Santa Monica. There is no subway as in New York and the roads we now have are inadequate to handle the current traffic load, let alone the every expanding number of proposed projects in our neighborhood. Have any one of you tried going East on a Friday afternoon on Ocean Park, Pico or the 10 Freeway? This is not what we signed up for when we purchased our home over 20 years ago. If the city is so interested in building up high density project, why not do it neighborhoods north of Wilshire and Montana with its lower density of housing?

Santa Monica will never be New York and it should continue to maintain the population and housing density that those of us in the neighborhood expected when we chose to live in this part of town. If I wanted to recreate the life style I had on the Upper Westside, I would have moved closer to the 3rd Street mall.

I urge you to stop all this development in this part of Santa Monica. The money quite frankly isn’t worth it and without an adequate infrastructure – that none of us want; it is best to look elsewhere for further and future development.


Dr. Andrew Stolz



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