RIFT Makes Progress Report

The Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC) issued a progress report over the weekend on, in its words, “our campaign to take Santa Monica back from developers,” which, again, in its words,” is moving full steam ahead!”

It goes on to say, “Before it’s over our resident volunteers will have sent personalized letters to over 10,000 Santa Monica voters!

“We will have called over 8,000 additional voters!

“We’re going to tell people the truth about Proposition T: That Proposition T will cut traffic growth by cutting future commercial development by 40%. And it will do that while affecting city revenues by less than 1%… and that’s not until 2023! (According to the city’s own report.)…

“The residents we’ve spoken to have overwhelmingly been supportive of Proposition T…

“We have to counter the deep-pocket, developer misinformation machine.”

The email concludes by urging people to volunteer. “With your help we can spread the word, spread the truth, and win in November! We can reclaim our city, limit development, and put the brakes on explosive traffic growth.
All it will take is a few hours of your time.

“Call our office at (310) 452-RIFT (7438) to volunteer or send us an email, and we will contact you – PropT2008@verizon.net.”

The report was signed by SMCLC co-chairs Diana Gordon and Victor Fresco.

For more information: www. info@smclc.net

One thought on “RIFT Makes Progress Report”

  1. Thank you to all the residents who worked to develop the RIFT ballot measure and put it on the ballot. Shsme on those council members who support developer and big corporate interests (their donors in most cases!) instead of the residents who elected them. Their is hope that the will of the residents will prevail in the November election. There is hope that the will of the residents will be heard. There is hope that we, the people, will clean out the forces of over-development from OUR city government and OUR city hall. Hear us (sic) Planning Department. Hear us City Manger’s office. Hear us Economic Development Dept. Hear us! Or be gone . . .

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