In the Wrong Body
En el Cuerpo Equivocado
Saturday, July 7, 7 pm

At the Home of Rachel and Jay, 601 9th Street, Santa Monica, California, one block East of Lincoln, one block North of Montana, Southeast Corner, Easy Parking

Before Film: Meet at Izzy’s Deli, 15th and Wilshire, 5:00 PM
Free street parking @ Izzy’s Deli, rear lot, computer store lot on 15th.
After Film: Discussion, end the embargo on CUBA COFFEE, Izzy’s cookies.

RSVP: 310-780-7363 (first 20)

(2010. 52 min.)

The film, “In the Wrong Body,” was produced in 2010 by Cuban award-winning filmmaker, Marilyn Solaya, The documentary is a moving portrayal of Mavi’s life. Mavi Susel has had to endure discrimination and abuse, but she courageously pursued her dream of realizing a reassignment surgery, the first to be performed in Cuba, in 1988. The growing national discussion in Cuba promoting inclusion and respect for diversity has been led by Mariela Castro, director of Cuba’s National Sex Education Center (CENESEX).

Fidel Castro and Vilma Espín, founder of the Federation of Cuban Women, helped Mavi with support for her journey. Today, with the leading role provided by CENESEX and other Cuban organizations, there is a broader campaign aimed at raising the consciousness of the population in Cuba with the goal of overcoming the holdovers from the past.

Cuba is conducting ongoing education and using popular culture to bring the issues of homosexuality and transgenderism to the people for discussion.

$5 donation
For the Cuban 5 defense
In September 1998, five Cuban men were arrested in Miami by FBI agents. Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and René Gonzalez were accused of the crime of conspiracy to commit espionage.
RENÉ González Sehwerert, one of Cuba’s five anti-terrorist heroes, was released from prison October 7, 2011, having served in full the brutal and unjust sentence he was given.

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