Nightmare On the Way

The more Environmental Impact Reports we read, the more convinced we are that the people who write them live in some sort of rose-colored bubble.

Whoever wrote the draft EIR on the California Incline cited in the preceding article cannot have spent any time here or he/she/they could not have stated so emphatically and cheerfully that shutting down the California Incline for 10 months (real time = 14 to 18 months) would cause only minor traffic disruptions.

According to these descendants of Dr. Pangloss, City Hall will develop a “traffic plan,” and traffic will be “monitored,” and Lincoln and Ocean Street will be clearly designated detours, and northbound drivers will be advised to leave the 10 Freeway at Lincoln or Fourth…

AND it will be a bloody nightmare! For Santa Monica and Santa Monica Canyon residents and any unfortunate driver who finds himself in this latest traffic snarl.

*Not only are Lincoln and Ocean already overloaded, but they end
at Santa Monica Canyon.

*Santa Monica residents who live north of Wilshire and want
to go north on PCH will either have to go through the Canyon or take Lincoln or Fourth south to the freeway.

*Drivers who want to go to the Pier parking lot will have to go north to the Canyon in order to go south on PCH to Appian Way.

* Then there’s the butterfly effect. Not long ago, when a fallen crane
disrupted traffic on the 405, traffic was bumper-to-bumper on all the
northbound streets from Ocean to 20th for several hours, and all those cars ended up in the Canyon.

ETCETERA, etcetera.

City Hall is crazy about demolishing structu res, but it has never shown much interest in maintaining them, Now that we finally have an actual Maintenance Department, if we were in charge, we’d leave
the Incline in place, ring in some top structural engineers and order a rigorous and continuing program of repairs and maintenance…
at least until the City and its co-conspirators in Caltrans and the
Federal Highway division come up with a plan that will not tie Santa Monica in knots and wreak havoc in the Canyon.

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