Pacheco Leaves Red Cross to Head New Company

John Pacheco, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Red Cross of Santa Monica, will retire, effective January 2, to become President and CEO of Innovative Disaster Solutions, a new company based on the Westside, which will provide disaster preparedness planning and consulting for small and mid-size companies.

Pacheco worked for the American Red Cross in the Los Angeles area for 35 years, spending the last eight in Santa Monica. He began as interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and stayed on to turn a troubled chapter into one of the strongest and most successful chapters in the entire American Red Cross system.

Taking over for Pacheco as Interim CEO will be Carol Evans who comes to Santa Monica from Santa Cruz where she was CEO of the its Red Cross chapter. She held numerous State and national Red Cross positions before her retirement in 2008, and will live in Santa Monica until a new full-time CEO is appointed.

With a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology from California State University, Northridge, Pacheco also has a post graduate certification in management from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business at UCLA and served in the US Army during the Vietnam War as a combat medic.

His work for the Red Cross includes over 25 national disaster assignments, along with extensive work in disaster preparedness and recovery programs for the Los Angeles Red Cross. He is also credited with a Nurses Assistant training program that has been called the best of its kind in the nation.

Under Pacheco’s leadership, the Santa Monica chapter’s management structure was stabilized, an active and dedicated new Board of Directors was recruited and the chapter’s services to the community expanded along with a growing and dedicated army of community volunteers – many of whom are now qualified to render assistance at disaster call-outs across the country.

Dozens of local volunteers have received the training to qualify them for the chapter’s Disaster Action Team or DAT that provides services to Santa Monicans who become victims of house and apartment fires, hazardous materials evacuations and other local calamities.

In addition, the chapter is a key blood donor center and major provider of Cardio-Pulmonary-Resuscitation (CPR), first aid and water safety training, locally.

Pacheco said, “It has truly been an incredibly rewarding experience here with the ‘Cross,’ made possible by the marvelous people I have had the opportunity to serve with over these years.”

He can be reached at Innovative Solutions Network, LLC, 14055 Ryan Street, Sylmar, CA 91342. Phone: 310-922-2045 or

Carol Evans can be reached at the Santa Monica Red Cross, 1450 11th Street in Santa Monica at 310-394-3773 during business hours or by email at

The American Red Cross of Santa Monica is a publicly supported, 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation that provides health and safety education, youth services, CPR and first aid training, disaster awareness and disaster relief efforts. For additional information or to inquire about other programs or assistance call 310-394-3773 or go online at

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