City Manager Responds to Court RDA Decision

On learning of the State Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the Legislature’s authority to dissolve the cities’ Redevelopment Agencies (see story below), Santa Monica City Manager Rod Gould issued the following statement this afternoon:

“It’s regrettable that the Legislature and Supreme Court have stripped cities and counties of the one tool to produce affordable housing, generate jobs, and refurbish critical infrastructure. This is especially true during this time of double-digit unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and a paucity of affordable housing in our state.

“For years the City has been working to implement its Redevelopment Plan through a number of public works projects that will enhance community safety and welfare. It’s our intent to move forward on existing projects where we have contracts which are unimpeded by the Court’s decision.”

One thought on “City Manager Responds to Court RDA Decision”

  1. Recevelopment Agencies divert tax money from the schools to eliminate blight.  Where is the blight in Santa Monica?  The RDA in this city is a fraud.  Over $200,000,000 has been spend developing low income housing projects to import residents from outside santa monica in order to increase SMRR’s voter base. In addition, as many of the low income housing projects have been and are being developed in the Pico Neigbhorhood, the money is being used to violate the civil rights of the minority residents by perpetuating segregated schools in violation of Brown v The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas.  When Prop 22 was on the ballot, which prevented the transfer of RDA funds to the schools, our school board, controlled by SMRR apparachiks, did not come out againt it. This is because they owed their allegiance not to the students first, but to SMRR.  The steering committee wanted the RDA funds for low income housing instead of the schools. This is a great decision for our schools and hopefully will end the City’s George Wallace housing policy.

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