Whither the Weather 4/25 – 5/1

By Ava Tramer

Warm and mostly sunny
Highs: 64-76; Lows: 50-59

Hot and sunny
Highs: 73-94; Lows: 47-57

Very hot and sunny
Highs: 84-100; Lows: 60-72

And Santa Monica…
Lovely weather ahoy, me hearties! Santa Monica has scored some sunny booty this week, as our favorite glowing piece of eight will shine brightly in the sky all week long. Hot temperatures in the high 70s will visit us over the weekend, but as next week progresses, they will be forced to walk the plank, leaving us marooned with warm temperatures in the 60s. So take advantage of the sunny springtime and make sure to enjoy your grub al fresco, or climb up to the crow’s nest and look down at all the happy Santa Monicans enjoying the lovely weather.

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