Student Gives SMC Financial Aid Office An F

Ms. Gomez:

As you are my financial aid technician I am contacting you regarding a discrepancy in funds. I have tried emailing Damon McLeod (a detailed email) and calling the Financial Aid office as well as your personal extension – and have been unable to get a response. When I received my disbursement for my Pell Grant my award letter shows that I am entitled to something like $2700 but I only received like $1350 and no explanation as to why this is. I have tried calling the FA office, the dean of students etc . . . and no one ever picks up their phone.

I do not understand why I am missing so much money (and I have checked and it did not go to tuition, the college only disbursed the $1350 which was then paid to tuition before I ever saw it).

I have notified the Federal FAFSA program that I only received 1/4 of my disbursement for my grant and they have made a note of it on my federal file however they recommended that I speak with the college’s Financial Aid office.

As I understand the FA office only makes two disbursements, I should have received the full amount since the Federal FAFSA government verified that I am entitled to a full $5500 Pell Grant and my last award letter also showed that I am entitled to a full Pell Grant, however the disbursement I received was dramatically lower than the disbursement that my Award letter showed I was entitled too – especially since I received the full amount for three student loans that I took out. I was under the impression that students were supposed to receive full grant money before student loan amounts since student loans have to be paid back.

Also my SGEOG Grant was half of what my award letter says I will be issued.

Currently I am a full time student, have no failed classes, my Award letter shows I am entitled to this money and the Federal FAFSA program told me over the phone that I am entitled to the full amount of money (they have stated there is no reason on their end why I should not have received it beyond the college FA choosing not disburse it to me, and recommended that I contact the office).

I have been patient and waited, however I not only want but need the rest of my disbursement for rent and living expenses – all of which will incidentally have an impact on my grades as well.

If FA is unable to produce the money then I will have no choice but to report this matter to the authorities and ask for an investigation.


David Krouse


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