Here is my correspondence with the city tree coordinator about the trees proposed for in front of my house, which, according to the web, “smell like semen.” My inquiry was not taken seriously. If it does have the unpleasant odor that has been observed in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, they are not likely to stay in place very long! There are a lot of people taking walks in this neighborhood who would notice a tree that is not pleasant to be around.

Abby Arnold

To: Randy Little, City of Santa Monica
From: Abby Arnold

Hello from 668 Marine Street!

The Pyrus calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ looks beautiful! One concern I have: when I looked up the tree on the web, I found a reference that said: ” In spring before the new leaves unfold, the tree puts on a brilliant display of pure white flowers which, unfortunately, do not have a pleasant fragrance. ”

Does this mean it is a NASTY smelling tree, or a non-smelling tree?

From: Randy Little, City of Santa Monica
To: Abby Arnold

The tree has a very limited fragrance that typically goes unnoticed. Thank you.

One thought on “SPEAKING OF TREES…”

  1. I lived on a block that had these trees up in Palo Alto. It is definitely noticeable, and *immediately* identifiable. Fight it if you can, it’s a very awkward smell.

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