Whither…Weather Identity Crisis

Whither…Weather Identity Crisis

By Ava Tramer

Partly cloudy
Highs: 59-65; Lows: 46-52

Sunny with clouds
Highs: 60-68; Lows: 40-47

Mostly sunny
Highs: 63-69; Lows: 48-51

And Santa Monica…
Anchor 1: And we’re coming to you with breaking news:
Anchor 2: His (gesturing to anchor 1) dog isn’t as cute as he thinks it is!
Anchor 1: That was unnecessary. This breaking news just in:
Anchor 2: You pooped your pants!
Anchor 1: Cut it out!! We’ve just received word of breaking news:
Anchor 2: The weather is bad!
Anchor 1: Hey!!!! Stop stealing my thunder!
Anchor 2: Alert! Weather pun!
Anchor 1: Stop it stop it stop it!
Anchor 2: Just trying to spice things up.
Anchor 1 (trying to snap out of his annoyance): Ok. (deep breath) With all this rain we’ve been having, it’s almost as though we’re in Seattle and not Santa Monica!
Anchor 2: Identity Crisis 2010!
Anchor 1: That’s actually kind of good.
Anchor 2: Duh!
Anchor 1: Breaking News Alert! Identity Crisis 2010!
Anchor 2: Christmas Identity Crisis 2010!
Anchor 1: Oh that’s really nice. Friends?
Anchor 2: Maybe.

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