NO on Y and YY

By Peter Tigler

Voters should be mindful that Prop Y is a tax. Prop Y is a sales tax increase making local purchases subject to a 10.25% sales tax. Voters should note this is near the highest in the state and entire country. The proponents ignore and obscure this basic fact that voters need to know.

During the Council discussions regarding this tax, Mayor Bobby Shriver made three very important points.

He said:
1.”The City is rich… and to say the City is in some sort of financial extremis is just not borne out by the facts.”
2. “In the conduct of the campaign we don’t want there to be a fear that services will be lost if this measure does not pass. (Saying) your 911 service, your emergency service is at risk is not true.”
3. ”Because we have not managed the cost side of the budget well enough, I don’t think it’s the right time to ask the people for more tax revenue.”

Readers may recall, we are taxed for the stated purpose already. In 2008 voters passed a 10% utility tax that the city said is needed “to preserve essential City services and school programs.”
Again, this proposal is a sales tax increase. You will pay more for every taxable purchase you make in Santa Monica. Shopping near home will simply be more expensive. And it is forever, as this tax does not expire or sunset.

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