The Dispatch Endorses Ted Winterer, Ready and Able

In a very real sense, Ted Winterer, Council candidate, four-year term, has been preparing to be a City Council member for years.

He has been a renter and is a home owner. He has been active in his neighborhood organization, Ocean Park Association, has been a Rec and Parks Commissioner and is a Planning Commissioner.

He is a soccer coach and was the co-author of Prop T, which would have limited commercial growth.

Winterer and his wife have two young children, and Winterer is committed to ensuring that the schools
have ample local funding to insulate them from the state’s mindless budget cuts.

Winterer’s priorities include preserving Santa Monica’s beach town charm and diversity, expanding
open space, parks and community gardens, getting serious about managing traffic, supporting neighborhood schools, tackling the challenge of our airport. creating a sustainable city and budget, supporting local small businesses.

Like Susan Hartley, whom we have also endorsed, Winterer believes residents, not developers should make the crucial  decisions, and, unlike the majority of current Council members, they do not see Santa Monica as a business, they see it as home — unique, gorgeous, legendary — and sufficient.

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