As we report in the following story, the Santa Monica Coalition for a
Livable City (SMCLC) has filed a complaint with local authorities,  citing the makers of bogus mailers that appear  to be issued by the Santa Monica Police Officers and Fire Fighters Associations.

A police spokesperson described the mailers as “disengenuous.”
They were  attributed to “Santa Monicans for Quality Government,”
(SMQG) headed by Fred Huebscher, who is said to have spearheaded the attacks on Kevin McKeown during his 2006 campaign.

SMQG was dissolved before it filed a financial disclosure statement,
a specialty of Kinde Durkee, a Burbank consultant. According to the
Pasadena Weekly, she has paid “thousands of dollars” in fines for failing to file disclosure statements Durkee  is said to have been the treasurer of  SMQG, and was treasurer of  Friends of Terry O’Day  until it was dissolved earlier this year. She is currently treasurer of Committee to Protect Our Community and Schools, which is lobbying
for passage of Props Y and YY.

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