Whither…Happy New Year

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By Ava Tramer


Partly cloudy

Highs: 67-72; Lows: 48-51


Mostly sunny

Highs: 67-75; Lows: 41-42


Clouds and sun

Highs: 71-76; Lows: 48-49

And Santa Monica…

Dear Diary,

Here are my New Years Resolutions for 2010.

1. Be nicer to Scott.  Just because he’s not a great next door neighbor, it doesn’t make it ok for me to leave my trash on his yard and blame it on the kids who live across the street.

2. Eat more healthy.  Just because I take all of Scott’s groceries from the back of his car when he’s unloading his car and he’s away from it for a moment, and he happens to eat a lot of ice cream, it doesn’t make it ok for me to eat so much ice cream.

3. Chop down Scott’s tree so I can get more sun to work on my tan.  It’ll just be partly cloudy and in the high 60s all the time, so why not get a nice bronzey glow to start of the new year?

4. Bike ride to work more often.  “Borrow” Scott’s bike to do so.

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