Community advocates from Sacramento, Los Angeles, Riverside, Alameda, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey and other towns gathered in Sacramento yesterday at the Board of Community Corrections (BSCC)
“Bidders’ Conference” to oppose more state funds going to counties for jail construction. Sheriffs from all
over the state were in attendance to scramble for the competitive SB 863 funds to expand their jail systems, despite increased calls from California voters for decarceration.

The BSCC was created under Realignment to help reduce the prison population, yet advocates argue that by encouraging jail construction, it is simply shifting the burden from the state to county level. California has
yet to see the full effects of Prop 47 implementation; its passage has already resulted in a decline of both prison and jail populations, and many argue that it will continue to make jail construction completely unnecessary. Further, communities from Los Angeles to the Bay Area are demanding investment in real solutions
like healthcare, education, housing, and alternatives to imprisonment, rather than wasting much needed re
sources on more jails.

More jails are the problem, not the solution for California

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