The Committee for Racial Justice has called an emergency meeting tonight to discuss an apparent assault Tuesday night on a Black man by Santa Monica PD.

The meeting will be held at The Church in Ocean Park, 235 Hill Street, Santa Monica at 7:00 pm. As this is a community problem, the Committee hopes for a large community response.a wide-ranging discussion and the devel-opment of a positive and just course of action.

Here is the NAACP’s account of the incident:

Darrell Goode, in his capacity as SM-Venice NAACP President, has asked me to let you know about SMPD activity that took place at an electric car charging dock in Virginia Ave Park in Santa Monica on Tuesday night, April 22 that is the subject of community concern.

The electrical charge docks are open until 11pm. A 36 year-old Black male who was charging his electric vehicle at 10:45pm was approached by several police officers, who asked for his ID. He asked “why?” Subsequently, he was pushed to the ground, handcuffed, punched, pepper-sprayed and taken into custody.

The individual was charged with not following a police order. He was jailed and released the next day. He requi-
red eye treatment due to the pepper spray. He has a court date May 25.

A video of some of the interaction was taken by a female passerby, unacquainted with any of the parties.

The video shows apparently egregious behavior by the police. The woman who took the video came forward because she believes the police behavior was excessive.

The information on the video is incomplete. It does not show all angles, and it does not show the entire interaction from start to finish.

On April 23, at First AME Church in Santa Monica, Darrell Goode interviewed the man, the passerby/ witness who videotaped part of the interaction and several other people.

Based on information we have, there was no warrant for the man’s arrest and neither he, his car, nor license number fit any description based on any recent criminal activity.

Darrell Goode has informed SMPD Chief Seabrooks, via SMPD Command Staff, of his efforts to assemble information and his intention to publicize it. Based on what is known so far, he may call a community meeting.

Meantime, Chief Seabrooks has promised a full internal investigation and the man intends to file complaints against one or more of the officers involved.

The man has the right to take his case against the officers to the City Personnel Board. Therefore, in addition to filing a complaint with the SMPD, the man intends to ask for an independent review by the Board.

We are united in our unwavering commitment to non-violent advocacy for fairness, transparency and justice for all. .


  1. Questions:
    1/ Why is this a ‘community issue’?
    2/ Would I even be typing this if the male had just shown his ID as requested?
    3/ Surely the author of this piece meant to write “*Allegedly*, subsequently, he was pushed to the ground, handcuffed,…”? …or was the author actually present?
    The man has complained; why not let the complaint take its course rather than whip this up into a huge drama? MW

  2. During these times of well publicized attacks by police against Black men and youth we need to reflect on what accountability measures we want on our poilce officers. Internal affairs investigations is a conflict of interest. In the past 20 years, how many internal investigations of police misconduct led to anything substantive? Our freedom is precious and should be protected. No amount of power police have to cause injury and to take away freedom must be balanced with strict scrutiny and oversight. We pay high salaries to police in our City and we should expect no thing less than honesty, respect, good judgement and dignity for all.

  3. This incident is most unsettleing, considering the reputation the city projects as a
    racially integrated and progressive city and in light of the multiple highly publisized
    abuse of black men by police recently occurring.

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