Carter Rubin or, as he is now called, “Rubin Carter,” was chosen to fill the
vacancy on the Planning Commission created when Commissioner Sue Himmelrich was elected to the City Council.

Luckily, his term ends at the end of June, because while the Commissioners who nominated him seemed to know what they were doing ( i.e, choosing the most pro-development candidate), his late-blooming supporters didn’t seem to know who he
was, much less why they were voting for him, rather than such worthy candidates as
Nina Fresco and Mario Fonda-Bonardi.

Having got off to such a bumpy start, it’s unlikely that Rubin Carter will be appointed to a full term in June.

The utterly witless exercise was further proof that some middle-aged, self-anointed “civic leaders” are actually, if clumsily, courting “young people” in an effort to increase their own power and reach. But, thus far, it’s not going well. A vague campaign called “vote local” (compared to what? vote national?) attempted to increase their electoral power, but, as we learned in the election, the number of registered voters had actually declined.

The so-called “young voters” made their first formal appearance as shills for the absolutely wrong Village Trailer Park development that was in the process of evicting longtime residents of the historic park, and, not incidentally, violating their rights and the law, The shills were eager, but quite appalling, as they clearly had no idea what they had got involved in.

A very solemn blog – SANTA MONICA NEXT – appeared. “Next” equals “young,” right? No, actually, it equals pseudo-news.

In fact, the campaign’s only success seemed to be Rubin Carter‘s inadvertent appointment to the Planning Commission. He has a master’s degree in “street
planning.” And he works in L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti’s office on “festive streets.”

And he may be young, but, according to the financial statement he’s filed with the
City, his stock portfolio resembles that of a fat old capitalist. He has stock in several hydrocarbons,a gang of banks, laced with fast and convenience foods, Coke, Pepsi, insurance, several computer companies, and, of course, Walmart. .

Not incidentally, he was born in Santa Monica, but he grew up in Brentwood.


  1. Thanks for another insightful and clever piece. I hope the City Council members read this carefully, and that those residents who are not currently your faithful readers begin to read your work.

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