Whither the Spring Break

By Ava Tramer

Clear and sunny
Highs: 65-70; Lows: 46-53

Warm and clear
Highs: 70-78; Lows: 38-47

Mostly sunny
Highs: 75-87; Lows: 42-56

And Santa Monica…
It’s March, ladies and gentlemen, and spring has officially arrived.  We all know what that means: SPRING BREAK!!!!  WOOOO!  However, those looking for fun in the sun in Santa Monica might do well to look elsewhere.  The peak temperature this week looks to be a high of 70 on Wednesday, but other than that, Santa Monica does not have much to offer in the way of spring break fun in the sun.  Well, I take that back.  You may find ways to have fun even if the weather is not completely warm.  And yes, there will be sun.  In fact, it looks to be a mighty clear and sunny week.  But the temperatures just won’t rise high enough for a good splasheroo in the ocean; if you go swimming, you’ll be likely to come out of the water chilly and blue.  But the weather is lovely outside, even if it’s not perfectly and comfortably warm all the time, so enjoy the sun’s golden rays.  Just bring a sweater along for any breezes that blow your way.

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