Whither the weather7/27-8/2

By Ava Tramer

Mostly sunny and warm
Highs: 70-76; Lows: 63-66

Sunny and slightly cooler after the weekend
Highs: 89-95; Lows: 60-65

Sunny and hot
Highs: 102-107; Lows: 81-84

A grandmother sits with her grandson in a cottage in Santa Monica:

Little boy: Grandma, I saw a thing called Rain on the Discovery Channel this morning. What is it, this Rain?
Grandma: Ah, my dear grandson, Rain falls from the sky, and makes things wet.
Little boy: WHAT?!? I have never seen such a thing!
Grandma: Well that is because we don’t have rain in Santa Monica. Here, let me tell you the story of why we don’t have rain in Santa Monica…

Sunny Potter lived in Siberia with his horribly mean aunt and uncle and their horribly obnoxious son. They made him live in a small room under the stairs in their home. Needless to say, Sunny was not very happy.

On Sunny’s eleventh birthday, his luck changed for the better. A meteorologist appeared at his house in Siberia and told Sunny that he had special powers and was going to shine. Much to Sunny’s delight, the meteorologist took Sunny to a far away land called Santa Monica, where the meteorologist said he would learn to use his special powers at a school called Skywarts.

Sunny worked hard at Skywarts, and made two great friends, Herbreezie and Clearon. But Sunny’s studies were often interrupted by Lord Stormomort. Lord Stormomort was exceedingly evil, and he tried to release noted villains Rain and Chill on Santa Monica.

In the end, however, Sunny’s powers proved too strong for Lord Stormomort. With the loyal help of Herbreezie and Clearon, Sunny shone brightly, chasing Rain and Chill far, far away, defeating Lord Stormomort for good. And that is why it never rains in Santa Monica.

Little boy: Grandma…I think you made that all up.
Grandma: Oh. Errr, well…yes, you caught me. I did make it up. It’s a completely original story of my own. Completely original.
Little boy: I’m going to go wikipedia Rain. But thanks for the story, Grandma!

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