Writers on Politics

CodePink describes “Writers on Politics Now” as “a literary event for those who love art with their activism.”

It’s scheduled for Saturday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. at Beyond Baroque, and will feature novelists Gayle Brande and Diane Leefer.

Brande’s novel, “Self Storage,” is “a post-9/11 story of a woman who is launched on a path of self-discovery while buying and reselling storage unit contents.”

Leefer’s “California Transit,” is “an examination of the difference between justice and law in Southern California.”

The writers will be followed by a musical performance by Jill Sobule.

In addition, Tom Hayden and CodePink’s Jodie Evans will deliver an “Out of Iraq” message.

CodePink will hold a cocktail party prior to the event to raise funds to send mayors to Washington DC for Cities for Peace Day.

For tickets to reading and/or party, Call 310 827 4320.

Beyond Baroque is located at 681 Venice Boulevard, two blocks west of Lincoln.

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