A building contractor (Superior Wall Systems – Richard Hudson president)
from Orange County who has some sort of labor dispute with the school
district has decided to hire extras to protest at Edison Elementary accus-
ing the district of racial bias.

These hired protesters with their signs have reached the threshold under
the criminal statute for having intimidated and annoyed the children there
who expressed to their parents their fears.

I call upon the SMPD to enforce this statute by what ever means at the
city’s disposal to assure these children are neither hindered nor put in
fear as they attend this schoolas a matter of their routine.

Mr. Hudson has determined to use the low road and demagoguery by race
baiting in this example and the good folk of Santa Monica will have no
sympathy for such tactics preying upon children and their families.

This company can avail themselves of redress through the court if they
choose or demonstrate at the school board or city hall, but not where
children learn and play regardless of race creed color or religion as
this despicable company alleges.

Stewart Resmer
Santa Monica

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