Whither the Inauguration

By Ava Tramer

Hot and clear
Highs: 66-79; Lows: 47-51

Mostly sunny and hot
Highs: 69-82; Lows: 41-46

Hot and sunny
Highs: 72-81; Lows: 47-53

And Santa Monica…
Temperatures in the country currently range from the negatives to the 80s. In Santa Monica, we’ll be experiencing the upper end of that range this week, with clear skies and lovely highs in the mid-seventies. But no matter how warm or cold people might be wherever they live, the sun is truly going to shine across the whole country on Tuesday. Barack Obama has made many people excited, and he promises to do many great things. Who knows? He might even figure out a way to get us even better weather. So appreciate the great weather next week, appreciate the inauguration, and appreciate your wonderful hometown of Santa Monica, CA, where the sun shines bright and warm even in the middle of winter.

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