When Gifts Are Necesities

The campaign was called “Save Our Schools,” not “Save Some of  Our  Schools More Than Others.”  It was an impressive community effort, raising slightly more than $1.5 million in 60 days.

Last week’s   Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board meeting was not impressive. There are 13 schools in the District. The PTAs at schools in affluent neighborhoods generally raise more money than PTAs in  other schools. No surprise there. All American schools are not created equal, and never have been.
But   SMMUSD’s   financial situation is further complicated by  the mess of a  “gift policy” wrought by  John Deasy, former  SMMUSD superintendent and future LAUSD boss.

According to Surf   Santa Monica, Board members and staff will have to discuss the role  of  the misbegotten  policy in the District’s continuing financial problems. At  Length.

We have a better idea. They should simply declare all donations  necessities, not gifts.
And divide them equitably among the schools.

Whither..hot and not

By Ava Tramer

Clear and sunny
Highs: 61-85; Lows: 56-66

Mostly sunny and hot
Highs: 84-109; Lows: 56-71

Highs: 101-117; Lows: 71-87

And Santa Monica…
The week will begin sunny and hot,
But by the weekend, hot it will be not.
Yes, it will still be nice and warm,
And true, we won’t experience a storm.
But compared with the heat of the early days this week,
The weekend’s hot air will seem truly meek!

Save Our Schools Saves Nearly 20 Teachers & Staff!


The Santa Monica Malibu Board of Education commended The Save Our Schools campaign and the Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation at Wednesday night’s School Board meeting, citing visionary fundraising that will n affect students throughout district schools for the 2010 – 2011 school year.

The SOS campaign raised $1,517,201.68 in only 60 days. At the same meeting, the Board of Education restored 19.75 positions with SOS proceeds. 9.5 elementary teacher positions will be restored with Save Our Schools funds. In addition, 2 secondary teachers, 1.75 counselors, 2.5 music teachers, and 4 library coordinators will keep their jobs as a result of Save Our Schools funding. The Board also approved additional positions to be restored with expected Federal Education Jobs Fund dollars.

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