To: SMC Board of Trustees and President Chui Tsang

From: Board of Directors, Friends of Sunset Park
Re: Final EIR for the SMC Facilities Master Plan 2010 Update

On Tuesday, August 3rd, the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees will review and vote on the Final EIR (Environmental Impact Review) for its Facilities Master Plan 2010 Update.

1. How will the plan impact residents?
a. Demolitions: The Master Plan 2010 Update includes plans to demolish the 3-story cement Corsair Stadium structure on 16th St., the dark green Liberal Arts classroom building on Pearl Street, the Letters and Science building, the Math Complex, the Library Village, the P.E. building, and the ESL building.

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Salsa vs Reggaeton

When: 7PM, Fri/July 30

Pre-show: minute trailer of work-in-progress documentary about the return of Cuban music groups to the United States and new voices for change in Miami’s Cuban Community.

“Animals of Cuban Music” takes a look at the state of the contemporary dance music scene in Cuba. This is the second film by director Jen Paz whose first film “¡Popular!” followed the legendary band La Charanga Habanera. As indicated by the subtitle: “salsa vs reggaeton”, “Animals” presents the situation in Havana after the reggaeton explosion that had been building in Cuba for years. The root of the polemic is the competition for fans and for the limited concert venues in Havana.

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Local Business Committed to Local Schools

As the “Save Our Schools” campaign heads toward $900,000, support for our schools continues to grow, with local businesses digging deep.

The giving begins at ZJ Boarding House at 2619 Main Street this Friday, July 30th, from 7 to 10 pm. As part of their regular Last Friday of the Month Celebration on Main Street, ZJ Boarding House will host a Save Our Schools fundraiser for the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation.

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FAA vs. Us: Useful Information

1. Agenda item 6C is a staff report on the status of the FAA test and on the City’s efforts to quantify the impacts from the test. (more info on the agenda below)

2. Online Petition — FAA test —
This web site was set up by a group of Sunset Park and Ocean Park residents
who live under the FAA test 250 heading and oppose its being made permanent.

3. City Council — Tuesday, July 27, 5:45 PM — Agenda item 1-D —
Municipal Airport Pavement Rehabilitation —
$1,159,258 to re-pave and re-stripe the runway and taxiways to be consistent with
current FAA guidelines and planned airport operations. The airport will be closed at night only
for 4 nights during the initial preparatory work. Then, the airport will be closed for 5 consecutive days.
During subsequent phases, the airport will be closed at night only. Residents can communicate
with the City Council members via

4. Facebook — Another sunset Park resident, Susan Grant, has set up a page re the FAA test.
Go to and search for “Stop Santa Monica Airport Noise”

5. Airport website — — On the right side are links for:
– Airport Commission,
– Links to FAA Contacts,
– Info regarding FAA test of piston-powered IFR departure procedures,
– Category C and D Airport Update, and
– Enter a noise complaint.
6. FOSP website — SM Airport —


By Ava Tramer

Partly cloudy
Highs: 67-68; Lows: 58-62

Mostly sunny
Highs: 87-90; Lows: 58-63

Highs: 102-109; Lows: 73-80

And Santa Monica…
It’s going to be very blustery this week, with a definite chance of icicles, hail, and possibly even a blizzard thunderstorm.  The National Weather Service is recommending heading to the grocery store and stocking up on provisions, boarding up your windows, and making sure you have plenty of flashlights and batteries for when the power inevitably goes out.  With wind chill bringing the temperatures down into record low territory, you can expect that the city will most likely be forced to shut down for at least several days this week.

Whoa, wait a second – excuse me, my bad; those last three sentences were a typo.  That should have read: It’s going to be mostly sunny this week, with highs in the upper 60s.