St. John’s RNs Allege More Harassment

Registered nurses at Santa Monica’s St. John’s Health Center alleged last week that hospital officials are continuing to harass nurse activists even after being put  trial by the National Labor Relations Board  on charges that it violated RN rights.

The RNs, who have been meeting with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, also unveiled a billboard on Santa Monica Blvd. between Brockton and Armacost calling on the hospital to adhere to Catholic teachings, and respect the nurses’ rights.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has specifically stated that “the basic rights of workers must be respected—the right to productive work, to decent and fair wages, to the organization and joining of unions.” is among the key themes of Catholic Social Teaching.

Earlier this month, St. John’s was put on a three-day trial by the National Labor Relations Board on charges of illicit spying on RNs, and interrogating nurses about union activity, among other serious violations. A decision is pending. But since the trial ended, harassment of nurses who are CNA/NNU supporters at the hospital is continuing, nurse leaders say.

“Saint John’s administration should open its heart to respecting RNs’ rights and embrace the fair union election principles of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,” said Lori Hammond, an RN who works in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital, in the days before the trial.

“This has gone on too long and has taken too high a price on our nurses, our patients and our community. We urge our hospital to respect their nurses and stop the attacks on our attempt to gain collective bargaining rights so we can advocate for our patients,” Hammond said.


By Ava Tramer


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A Truly Local Museum

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Though Eli Broad is not scheduled to decide where his museum will be located for several months (see story below), the smart money is on downtown Los Angeles.

Whether or not the rumors are true, it’s time for the community to explore an idea Bruria Finkel (see letter below) has been developing for some years.

She wants to make an archival

museum devoted to the archives of artists in all media who have lived and worked in  Santa Monica.

If done properly, and if Bruria is in charge, it will be done properly, it could be a brilliant and altogether

fitting addition to this iconic beach town.

Architect Frank Gehry has already promised his archives to Bruria.

Where is Walter Hopps When We Need Him?

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Say, “Broad…billionaire…2,000 works of art…world,” and almost everyone says, “Yes!”

Almost everyone.

What could be better? A world class museum…designed by a world class architect to house a world class  collection of  2,000 works of world class contemporary art owned by world  class billionaire Eli Broad and his wife, Edythe…Right here in Santa Monica,

Or Beverly Hills.

Or downtown Los Angeles.

Tuesday night, the City Council reviewed and approved, 5-1, a staff report on the state of the negotiations to date, as well as general principles for the actual agreement – assuming Santa Monica is Broad’s fimal choice.

As  he did at the initial discussion of the Broad proposal last fall, Council member Bobby Shriver voted not to approve the staff’s draft agreement, and posed  a series  of questions that no one, including Deborah Kantor, Broad Foundation lawyer, could answer definitively. .

Broad is expected to choose the winning site in about six months..

The Broad Foundations own the collection and will build, own and operate the museum. Here and now, it wants Santa Monic to rent it 2.5

acres in the Civic Center for

$1 a year for 99 years, pay all the fees, estimated  at nearly $I million, spend $750,000 on site preparation and pay $1 million of the architect’s fees.

Estimating the value of 2.5 acres two blocks  from the beach over 100

years is virtually impossible, but two years ago Hines, a developer, paid an estimated $73 million for six-plus acres

28 blocks from the beach.

Shriver believes that the City should be represented on the museum board. No such provision now exists. He is bothered that the proposed 110,000 square foot museum contains only 30,000 square feet of exhibit space and 80,000 square feet of “offices.”

He also has questions about the collection. Will it remain intact and static through the years, representing a specific period, or will it evolve, reflecting changing tastes, aesthetic shifts, and new forms.

Shriver also suggested that the City consider issuing Requests for Proposals from other musems.

The evening only other smart and  relevant comments were contained in a

letter to the Council from Bruria Finkel, a leading Santa Monica artist and shaker and mover.(See letter below).

Dear council members

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I am truly sorry I cannot come and discuss with you the staff recommendations on the E.Broad Museum proposal in civic enter.

Here are some of my thoughts:

It seems that the opportunity for this to happen has passed. Mr. Broad is foraging in other places, and may not be interested in pursuing; his Museum in Santa Monica.

Staff has done a wonderful rich presentation with information about other institutions; their square feet, endowments, visitors, land gifts etc.. good information to have.

The report is lacking in details that are of the foremost important:

Who is the world-renowned architect? I have 200 plus signatures by members of the community who insist on the world-renowned architect to be our Frank Gehry.

The square footage went up from 85 K sq feet to 110 K sq feet and the estimated costs for the building went down from $100 M to $50-75 M. please explain

The collection issues have not been articulated either. What happens at the end of 99 years? Will Santa Monica own the collection in the building?

We have an important task to create a Museum of Art in Civic Center. The Community is supporting it and is enthusiastic about the future. We recognize the importance of an Art Museum in our midst. We also recognize that artists (locals who are world renowned) will not be represented in this private collection.

If it is a matter of 6 months before we hear YES or NO I personally have waited for 30 years and am willing to be patient just a little longer.

However I would encourage the council to direct staff that in the event of a NO response from Broad we open up a competition for this piece of Civic Center land that is so dear to ALL of us and see what offers comes back to build a Museum that we all agree upon and support.


Bruria Finkel