Whither the Weather 6/27 – 7/5

By Ava Tramer

Warm and sunny
Highs: 73-77; Lows: 61-65

Sunny and clear
Highs: 95-101; Lows: 60-65

Hot and sunny
Highs: 109-114; Lows: 77-83

And Santa Monica…
Around the world, people have heard of Los Angeles. The celebrities, the palm trees, and the beaches. But has everyone heard of Santa Monica? With its cool ocean breezes, we have not only the celebrities, the palm trees, and the beaches, but also the fresh ocean breezes that keep us cool and calm even during the summer. So be grateful that you live where you live, because this week should be just about perfect weather-wise in good ol’ Santa Monica!

All Politics, All the Time

It’s here. It arrived quietly, with no fanfare – just a slight rise in the temperature in the room, a faster tempo and an edge in the speakers’

Yes. Alas, the 2008 election campaign got underway in Santa Monica at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, during the City’s analysis of the Residents’ initiative to Fight Traffic (RIFT).

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On the Council Agenda Tonight

The agenda for Tuesday night’s City Council meeting is as notable for what won’t be heard as for two items that will be heard.

As we previously reported, last week’s staff report on the circulation element of the General Plan left the Council speechless, and so it was continued to this week. But now it has been continued to next week

No question, circulation, or, more accurately, lack of circulation, or, even more accurately, gridlock is a knotty problem, but, at first blush, last week’s staff report was a knotty solution that seemed fraught with potential new problems.

We can only hope that the staff recommendations are even now being revised and simplified.

Meanwhile, the Council will hear the staff’s consultants’ “analysis” of the “Residents’ Initiative to Fight Traffic”(RIFT) and its impacts – positive and negative.

After hearing the report, the Council can either adopt the initiative or order its inclusion on the November ballot.

As some City officials – elected and appointed – have already expressed their opposition to RIFT, this should be an interesting demonstration of municipal objectivity.

Finally, the Treesavers’ request that the City create a Tree Commission is scheduled to be heard.

Mayor Katz and Honorable Councilmembers:

Think back to the beginning of the LUCE process, several years ago when residents were still involved in large numbers in the dialogue over the future of our city. What did they ask for? Retaining the existing scale of our town, alleviating traffic congestion and promoting sustainability. Does a LUCE which offers building heights of 78 feet, more commercial growth yielding more car trips and a short term build out which leaves no room for future growth (i.e. the antithesis of sustainable growth) meet those community goals?

Instead, the answer to the community’s vision is RIFT. I urge you to mplement it tomorrow night.

RIFT has been swift boated by City Hall as Willie Horton disguised as an initiative. I offer to you a more realistic depiction of how we arrived at RIFT and how it will work:

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Remembering George Carlin

by Paul Krassner
via Jerry Rubin

In December 1962, when Lenny Bruce was arrested for obscenity at the Gate of Horn in Chicago, the police broke open his candy bars, looking for dope. They checked the IDs of audience members, including George Carlin, who told the cops, “I don’t believe in IDs.” Then they arrested *him* for disorderly conduct, dragged him along by the seat> of his pants and hoisted into the police wagon.
“What are *you* doing here?” Lenny asked.
“I didn’t want to show them my ID.”
“You *schmuck,*” said Lenny.

Lenny and Carlin had similar points of view–for example, they were both outspoken about the decriminalization of drugs–and they were both self-educated, but their working styles were different. Lenny didn’t write his material, it evolved on stage, whereas Carlin did write all his routines and then memorized ’em. Although both were unbelievers as far as religion was concerned, Lenny came from a Jewish background, and Carlin came from an Irish Catholic background.

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