Bea Daniels Dies at 85

Bea Daniels was very short, but people rarely noticed, because everything
else about her was outsized. She was. quick, smart, funny, outspoken, and impatient. She was also a devout Catholic.

She gave people orders, if they needed them, but she preferred people who didn’t need them. She could probably have run a company or a country, for that matter, but she chose to use her considerable gifts in service to her husband and children.

Bea’s devotion to the people she loved was boundless, and fierce, as anyone who had the brass to criticize or bully them quickly learned.

She was a consummate wife and mother, but she was also a pluperfect stage manager – whether the stage was the family home, a hotel suite on the road, a sound stage in Hollywood, a Broadway stage, or the Danny Daniels Dance America studio in Santa Monica, and she was Oscar-worthy in all her roles.

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Letter to the Community

I would like to reassure any of our community members who are following the drama that has been unfolding about the City Council’s concerns about secret deals issue in SMMUSD Special Education, specifically the “clarifications” proposed by the school district staff at the July 12 meeting of the Board of Education.

The legalese used in this “clarification” can only be intended to confuse and redirect attention away from the secret deals, the off-IEP contracts that are the concern of the City Council and the reason the council voted to hold $530,000 in abeyance until the practice is scrutinized.

It is important to notice that the “clarifications” generated by school district staff reference Dispute Resolution Agreements, NOT the secret contracts that are at issue. Dispute Resolution Agreements are part of a legal pathway proscribed by federal law after parents have declared that they want to pursue legal action against the district.

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Other Things the Council Did and Didn”t Do

The most significant action the Santa Monica City Council took at its Tuesday night meeting was not approving a city-wide moratorium to put development on hold until the revision of the General Plan is complete.

It did, however, direct staff to draft an ordinance that would temporarily limit the size of developments in the industrial area (see story, “City Gets It Wrong…Again”).

Among the Council’s other more piquant actions were several items on the Consent Calendar that it okayed Without discussion.

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Writers on Politics

CodePink describes “Writers on Politics Now” as “a literary event for those who love art with their activism.”

It’s scheduled for Saturday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. at Beyond Baroque, and will feature novelists Gayle Brande and Diane Leefer.

Brande’s novel, “Self Storage,” is “a post-9/11 story of a woman who is launched on a path of self-discovery while buying and reselling storage unit contents.”

Leefer’s “California Transit,” is “an examination of the difference between justice and law in Southern California.”

The writers will be followed by a musical performance by Jill Sobule.

In addition, Tom Hayden and CodePink’s Jodie Evans will deliver an “Out of Iraq” message.

CodePink will hold a cocktail party prior to the event to raise funds to send mayors to Washington DC for Cities for Peace Day.

For tickets to reading and/or party, Call 310 827 4320.

Beyond Baroque is located at 681 Venice Boulevard, two blocks west of Lincoln.