In the battle over the future of Santa Monica Airport, ballot Measure LC (for Local Control) has won the overwhelming endorsement of the Santa Monica Democratic Club.

Measure LC would put a guarantee in the city charter that if flight operations at the city-owned airport were ever reduced or ended, airport land could be used only for low-density projects such as parks, playing fields and other recreational uses, or educational and cultural attractions, including those already at the airport. No high-level development could be approved by the city council alone – such a proposal would take a vote of the people.

“The support of the Democratic Club for Measure LC – such emphatic support – is gratifying, and indicative of broad community support,’’ said John Fairweather, chair of the Committee for Local Control of Santa Monica Airport Land, who spoke in favor of LC. “The club members, like thousands of others, realize LC is the guarantee Santa Monicans need to ensure airport land will have only low-density uses in the future.”

At The Democratic Club gathering Wednesday night, members also voted near-unanimously to oppose Measure D, which is designed to perpetuate SMO’s flight operations indefinitely. Its passage would accelerate the already growing number of jet operations, completing the transformation of SMO into a jetport, with more pollution, noise and danger. No one spoke in favor of Measure D.

Measure D is financed by two wealthy Washington, D.C. aviation lobbies: the National Business Aviation Association (business jets) and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, which have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in their effort to wrest control of the airport from Santa Monica’s residents.

“With two airport-related measures on the ballot,” Fairweather said, “it’s important that every `Yes on LC’ vote be accompanied by a `No on D’ vote.”

“It’s vital to block the aviation lobby’s land grab with a `No on D’ vote, while a `Yes on LC’ vote will ensure no high-density development will occur on airport land when the jets are gone,” Fairweather explained. “Measure LC is the way to a green future. Measure D – for deception – is bad for you and bad for your city.”

More information on both ballot measures is available at

FROM: Committee for Local Control of Santa Monica Airport Land – YES on LC, NO on D (
CONTACTS: John Fairweather, (310) 581-3600,
Mike Salazar, (310) 710-9707

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