Harrison Ford has done very well in the movies. . But, as he used to tell us at every opportunity,  he paid his dues. He did voice-overs and worked as a carpenter to the stars for several years before he became a star himself. In other words, as he enjoyed saying in interviews,  he was just an ordinary guy. But, of course, he didn’t believe it for a minute.

Among his carpentry customers were George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, both of whom played key roles in his career. He had bit parts in  Coppola’s “The Conversation” and “Apocalypse Now” and a supporting role in Lucas’s “American Graffiti.”

Lucas hired Ford to read with other actors when he was casting “Star Wars” and eventually cast him as Han Solo. He was also cast as Indiana Jones in that very successful series.  Ford received one Oscar — for “Witness.” His box office grosses total close to $3.4 billion, and his film’s worldwide grosses surpass $6 billion. Three of  Ford’s films are among the top five box office hits of all time.

Ford is 71 now and has been cast in Lucas’s latest “Star Wars.”

He and his third wife,  Calista Flockhart, recently sold their Brentwood house for $8+ million, and bought another house in Mandeville Canyon. They also own a ranch in Montana.

Though it took four years and cost him $90 million to divorce his second wife, Melissa Mathison, a talented and successful screenwriter, his current net worth is reportedly  $210 million.

It has been reported that he keeps eight airplanes in hangers at Santa Monica Airport – both fixed wing and helicopters, as well as a jet. As it happens, he prefers avoiding the freeways and flying to the set, and has joined the nation-wide organization of pilots and  lucrative aviation businesses that opposes residents’ long-running efforts to close the airport when its lease with FAA ends next year.

Residents in Santa Monica and  Los Angeles  have cited constant pollution from jet fuel, noise, and numerous plane crashes in adjacent residential neighborhoods as the bases for the closure, and plan on turning the airport land into a park.

We wonder whether Ford would approve an airport in Mandeville.



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