Armen Melkonians posted “The Residents’
Direct Democracy Solution: Residocracy:
A Community Network of Residents” on
the web Monday afternoon with no fanfare
at all. 24 hours later, 1,000 people had
signed it.

Tuesday night, the first meeting was held
ina condominium conference room. It was
filled to capacity.

Melkonians, a civil and environmental en-
gineer,ran for the City Council two years
ago. He lost the election, but he remain-
ed involved, speaking regularly at City
Council meetings, focusing always on res-
idents’ rights to participate in making
policy and laws.

As he writes on the website, “At the
core and heart of™ and
its Community Network of Residents is
the underlying love that we share for
our city.

“Santa Monica is first and foremost a
home to all of its Residents. A home
with beaches,open space, sun, wind,
and a strong sense of community. Santa
Monica is also a destination for those
who come to work, vacation, or play in
our beach town. There is a delicate
balance that needs to be maintained be-
tween the Residents, businesses, and

“Through our Community Network of Re-
sidents,™ is dedicated
to insuring that residents’ voices and
concerns are heard and addressed by
City Hall and that resident interests
are at the forefront of all decisions
being made by our City Council.

“™ is the Residents’ Si-
mple, Efficient, and Effective Direct
emocracy Solution; it is the checks
and balances for our local City gover-

“What is

“Residocracy is an all volunteer based
organization that consists of a Commun-
ity Network of Residents participating
in Direct Democracy at the local level.
Residocracy is the simple, efficient,
and effective direct democracy solu-
tion for the Resident.

“Residocracy is a unified voice of the
Residents against corporate, business,
and outside influences at City Hall. was born in Santa Mon-
ica in 2014 to address the overwhelming
lack of concern shown by the elected
officials in City Hall towards issues
and concerns important to Residents.
“When government fails, it becomes ne-
cessary for individuals to act.

“ provides the direct
democracy tools necessary to unite in-
dividual residents into a Community
Network whose collective voice and
inherent democratic powers can and
will make a difference.”


A second meeting will be held as soon
as a larger hall can be found. In the
meantime, residents who love this glo-
riously idiosyncratic beach town should
visit the website.

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