The Kinsey Collection: Black History Explored Through Art and Legacy, Thursday, February 28, 7:30pm, The Broad Stage

Take a fascinating tour through the little-known stories of struggle
and triumph that have shaped African American history with the Kinsey Collection. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey’s prodigious personal collection
of invaluable art and artifacts, from rarely seen slave owners’
documents to glimpses into private eighteenth and nineteenth-century
lives, reflects a rich cultural and historical heritage which the
couple hopes to preserve for future generations. Don’t miss this
exclusive narrated tour through the privately-owned collection
that won the National Medal for Museum and Library Service and has
been displayed in museums across the country, including the

Tickets: $15 – B, $20 – A, $35 – Premier. 310-434–3200
The Broad Stage, 1310 11th St.

Opening Reception, Big Mouth, 2009, mixed media, Cyrus Kabiru
C-Stunners, Sculpture, with photography by Amunga Eshuchi
Saturday, March 2, 5:30 – 8:30pm

Kenyan sculptor and painter, Cyrus Kabiru stands at the forefront of a generation of artists whose innovation and creativity is shaping the
way in which not only art from Africa is viewed, but Africa itself.
As the work of this generation travels across borders challenging perceptions and stereotypes, Kabiru’s work has caught the imagination
of the art world worldwide. C-STUNNERS are a series of wearable
eyewear sculptures that reside on the boundary between art, fashion performance and design. Weaving together found materials such as
bottle tops, shoe polish tins, wire and cutlery, his C-Stunner body
of work is built on the notion of, in Kabiru’s words, ‘giving trash
a second chance.’

Free admission. 310-315-1937. Frank Pictures Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Suite A5

“Coming Out Kinky: A Grown Up Story,” Saturday, March 2, 8:30 pm

Three parts sugar and one part spice, “Coming Out Kinky” follows an adventurous woman’s curious exploration of her sexuality. Written and performed by Jean Franzblau and directed by Karen Aschenbach.

Franzblau has been developing “Coming Out Kinky: A Grown Up Story”
for over three years and is excited to be part of the arts and culture
scene in her beloved Santa Monica.

Admission: $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For mature audiences
310-394-9779 x 1. Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 14th St.

“ It’s Just My Life” Sunday, March 3, 2pm

“It’s Just My Life” is a collection of personally written and shared stories, chronicling profound and poignant moments that a group of
women has
faced in their lives. What may seem extraordinary and overwhelming
to some, just becomes part of the fabric of each life. In “It’s Just
My Life,” each participant is willing to open up her life – not to
be judged, but to share from the heart de¬fining and life-changing
moments. Refreshments will be served after the reading.

Suggested donation : $10 at door or online. 310-452-3881 or at the
front desk, YWCA, 2019 14th St.

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