The Samohi Art Department’s 2013 Homegrown Show and Sale will be held Thursday, January 10.

“Homegrown” is a gallery show and artistic event that has grown larger in each of its first three years. Like its predecessors, it will feature works of art by students, alumni, faculty and administration in Samohi’s Roberts Gallery.

Its goal is to raise money and awareness for the Santa Monica High School Art Department and the many students who have benefited from this amazing program. A percentage of the proceeds from sales of the works will be donated to the department, with the balance being paid directly to the artists. The show will open at 3:30pm and continue until 7:30 that evening.

In addition to the displayed artwork, there will be live music and live drawing. This year’s performers include Dilettante, Zoe Zelkind, Peaceful Antelopus, Wes Filer and Phoebe Bridgers. Students and guests are encouraged to draw responses to these musical artists. Refreshments and snacks will be served.

Caer Ferguson and Zoe Blue, Samohi alumnae, have worked closely with the current students and teachers to pull this show together. It’s a unique opportunity to see art that’s being made now in Santa Monica.

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